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  1. There are some really intense caning and whipping scenes from a show called Happy Valley, including one with a sjambok. It's pretty brutal, but the actress is really cute. Not sure why the video quality is so bad right at the beginning.
  2. RemainsNameless


    WOW! Phenomenal.
  3. Gorgeous! What tune is your tattoo?
  4. Hi! I'm one of a small but growing group of spankos here in Austin. (Actually, I think there are probably a shit-ton of spankos here, but the scene just isn't all that organized, not like Dallas or Houston.) I hosted one very small but very fun spanking party in 2019, and was hoping to do more this year, but... sigh. Anyway, welcome!
  5. Hotspur - I wish. There's actually not that much of a spanking scene in Austin; most of the parties are in Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. But I think there are a lot of spankos in Austin, so it would be nice if we had more of a scene here. I hosted a very small party in 2019, and was planning more for 2020, but... you know.
  6. Hi! Just introducing myself. I'm a 42 year old male top in Austin. (Actually a switch, but don't tell anyone.)
  7. I have a really cool cane I got from Miss Chris (https://www.missschris.com/) at TASSP that's made from a bull pizzle. Essentially a polished rawhide cane. Certainly not for the traditionalists out there, but it's got a very interesting weight and thuddiness. Some people do not want to have it anywhere near them once they find out what it is, though.
  8. I do have a couple very light implements I use specifically for a warmup, if I don't want to just use my hands. Some of the warm-up implements have a nice, loud sound and look like they would hurt, even though they don't; that helps maintain the illusion of discipline until we move on to more painful implements. I have one padded leather paddle I call "the vanilla paddle", because it's the kind of thing a clueless vanilla couple would pick up at an adult bookstore in order to "spice things up". Not a good implement, but very good for a light warmup. You almost couldn't hurt someone with it if
  9. All of my play partners are there to have a good time, and I want to play with them again. So I almost always do a warmup. I don't have any "real punishment" play partners, although I've been curious about having that kind of relationship. In my 20+ years of spanking experience, people who genuinely want to be punished hard, in a totally unpleasant way, are pretty rare. Am I wrong about that? I believe how much of a warm-up is necessary really depends on what implement you're going to use. If it's a stingy wooden paddle or brush, that feels terrible (like, actual punishment terrible, not
  10. Talus - What podcast? I have been looking for a spanking-specific podcast to listen to for a while.
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