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  1. I'm registered! Who else is going? https://fetlife.com/events/807321
  2. So obviously no TASSP for 2021, but Lone Star is happening in Houston in November, and they just opened up registration. Who's going? https://lonestarspankingparty.com/
  3. Well I, for one, welcome our new reptilian overlords.
  4. This forum itself seems to be the only legit spanko community I've seen. Apparently getting personals-style functionality on here is more complicated than just the technical aspects, since there are legalities involved. @Child of Light
  5. That's a cool bench! Looks like it folds up pretty small. Can I ask what brand it is / where you got it?
  6. Being a bottom in a scene and being a submissive are completely separate concepts. The Spanko! podcast has an episode where they disambiguate this pretty well. Someone on there said "a brat is a dominant trying to be a submissive". https://www.spankopodcast.com/ep0003/
  7. @Rand E Who knows? It was the only version of it I could find. But as the Talmud tells, us Hashem is unknowable.
  8. There are some really intense caning and whipping scenes from a show called Happy Valley, including one with a sjambok. It's pretty brutal, but the actress is really cute. Not sure why the video quality is so bad right at the beginning.
  9. RemainsNameless


    WOW! Phenomenal.
  10. Gorgeous! What tune is your tattoo?
  11. Hi! I'm one of a small but growing group of spankos here in Austin. (Actually, I think there are probably a shit-ton of spankos here, but the scene just isn't all that organized, not like Dallas or Houston.) I hosted one very small but very fun spanking party in 2019, and was hoping to do more this year, but... sigh. Anyway, welcome!
  12. Hotspur - I wish. There's actually not that much of a spanking scene in Austin; most of the parties are in Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. But I think there are a lot of spankos in Austin, so it would be nice if we had more of a scene here. I hosted a very small party in 2019, and was planning more for 2020, but... you know.
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