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  1. What impliments have you found that deliver a long lasting sting or feeling with minimal bruising.
  2. What impliments have you found that deliver a long lasting sting or feeling with minimal bruising.
  3. I am a therapist in the DMV and am "kink friendly." That said, if I were back in therapy myself (yes, even therapists need help sometimes) I would be very careful to find a therapist who would not judge this as automatically a problem. Interview your therapist. Ask questions about their values and opinions. You're a consumer of their services. You're going to be paying them good money (maybe a lot of it). You have a right to "test drive the car" and make sure it works for you.
  4. Having trouble seeing your new status update 

    1. rubyredd


      Fixed it. 😆

  5. I love the intimacy and trust on an emotional level. And on the physical level, I love the feel of a round firm bottom under my hand at the sight of that little squirm that comes when the intensity increases.
  6. In the last few months I have had experiences that have reminded me just how personal the response is to different implements. In the first case, a long session with a variety of implemented, things went well but nothing spectacular. Then I had the we cut me a switch (her first time with this). When I applied the switch to her bare bottom as she lay over my knee the response was electric. She is now, as she would say, 'a fan.' In the second situation, months later with a different ee, nothing was quiet clicking until I broke out the wooden spoon. Same response as above. I am intrigued by how each person will have a response, physical/psychological so varied. Thoughts, comments?
  7. I've seen a lot of good advice here that I agree with. But since you asked a pretty personal question, I'll give a pretty personal answer: I would start bu reminding her that we had agreed to this rule; that her health was important to me because I care about her (otherwise I wouldn't be her ER). Then she would get some serious spanking with a variety of impliments....I tend to favor having the ee go cut her own switch. I would have to judge whether I thought one session had gotten the message across. If this is as important to health as you imply, it might take repetition over a couple of days. This is much sterner than I normally am, but some things are really important and call for serious action.
  8. Welcome back. And thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think they make a lot of sense in regard to spanking and discipline from the perspective of supporting growth. And I do not think that anyone on the receiving (or for that matter the giving) end of this should have to sacrifice their identity.
  9. The idea of asking someone who loves us to try something is okay...but in my mind "converting" someone really bothers me. So many of us spent huge parts of our lives trying to "convert" ourselves to vanilla people. Or others (spouse, significant other) tried. It sucked. It was agony. Why would we put someone we love through that?
  10. I agree. Plus, over the knee is more intimate that bending someone over a table. Even when punishing, there's something about it that carries the idea of closeness and care.
  11. TimidMouse, you're getting really good advise. Having a little therapy under your belt before you go looking for a spanking could make the spanking, when you find it, a much healthier experience.
  12. Hi timidmouse. Welcome aboard
  13. I'm told that being spanked on a wet bottom is a unique experience in itself
  14. Bratting crosses the line when it ceases to be playful or is the only mode of relating that the subbie/brat knows. Disrespect is one of those things that should bring an "oh shit" feeling to the sub almost immediately. They will know there is punishment coming and will expect it. If disrespectful is a pattern of the relationship I don't want to be in the relationship...why would I want to try to be a Dom to someone who chronically disrespects me? I tend to be more of a mentor helping the other meet their goals. If you want to talk more, message me 😀
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