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  1. Ultimately self discipline is a direct part of self respect, the more actual respect one has for oneself, then the more self disciplined one becomes. This is why personally I find the entire DD thing to be a deeply disturbing concept. Personally speaking when I say that I will do something, then I do whatever that is, it will be completed as it should be completed, in full, exactly when I said I would. Never do I make excuses for myself, indeed, I am 100x's tougher on myself than anyone else. If I am not there, if the task has not been completed as specified; then I am dead. Ergo, I wil
  2. There seems to be very real confusion on social media amongst so many people or maybe it is the ghastly homogenisation of society which it creates. It is both endlessly tiresome, self defeating and ultimately restrictive as much academic research is now concluding. One would have thought that clearly, the purpose of my thread is an attempt to help some types of vulnerable people, help themselves ..... People whom in the past I have seen causing themselves both severe personal and fiscal issues. Because they are somehow unable to grasp when they are being used, manipulated and/or ripped
  3. That is 100% correct, professional counselling is a fundamentally important avenue to look into ... However the part which I have italicised, CoL's warning addendum, that is highlighting something which in truth is far harder to achieve than people might imagine. There are many, many people who spank, (males mostly) in this realm for who spanking is simply sexual excitement and/or a power trip . Such people will use any and all excuses to justify spanking anyone they can get their hand on. There is an adage "Give a man a fish and he eats for that day. Teach him to fish and he feeds himse
  4. ... is what they used to say in many an old newspaper in the 'small ads' as they were known. Advertisements posted by dubious 'companies', whose sole purpose was to fleece money from the more gullible members of the public. Giving advice is a mostly fraught experience, as if the recipient understood the advice as it is given, then they wouldn't need the advice. You see the problem, or maybe not. The reason I am posting this is because of something which I saw, which made it come to mind. This is advice for hetero sexual male spankers, usually of a certain age and more usually, lackin
  5. Indeed, people should always access professional help. The human mind can be a strange place at times for every person. All good fortune to you @ ukspanko. Change is always an opportunity; seize it with both hands.
  6. LOL .... Thank you, that is first time I have laughed at anything on this board in a 'funny' way. My personal answer would have to be a very definite no, speaking as a pure Alpha myself. However, why am I laughing? Because this is definitely a 'spanking only' site. It is not a 'There is some bleed (sic) into BDSM' type of site and therefore bringing up CBT (Cock & Ball Torture) on here is something akin to having male strippers at the Women's Institute Sewing Circle. Which is why presently you have had 18 views and no replies. Indeed last week (?) one guy on here was complaining abou
  7. Smiles ... Now I rarely return to any thread but I made a bet with myself and as prophesied .... Here you are. True to type. Unfortunately I do not think that you are anywhere near as wonderful as you like no doubt to imagine. It must be fraught, frenetic and fiscally poor being you; so mostly disappointing. As a European I have to say that I am most certainly not a dude: but it leads me to wonder what are you? A failed skate boarder or just the oldest surfer in town? Nor am I your friend [nor of anyone like you] .... Because you had/have actually made light of the paedophilic ab
  8. "Always open to positive feedback" But what if you do not find the feedback/advice positive? You stop listening because you do not agree? This is said because after reading that above you seem to be a person who rushes about, wants adoration and seeks easy answers which you like. Obviously communication is key in anything; but if people have no idea what they are talking about then that can be less useful than it appears. It would be my reading of the situation that your wife craves attention and so do you, you both want to be validated by others. That is not a negative statemen
  9. In truth I have not answered your poll, because my wife and I are not a spankee or spanker .... Rather I am in terms of our BDSM impact/spanking relationship the Alpha and my wife is the submissive. As people in everyday life we are isolationists and both have strong Alpha personalities. We are staunchly reclusive and non-tactile by our innate nature. Yet we will happily give presentations in front of people, train people, act as presenters and present speeches etc to large crowds. We therefore are not introverted in terms of being shy ... we simply choose not to mingle with others people
  10. My wife and I have been together for a very long time. When we first met, for a variety of reasons my wife had issues. Many of them created by her mother, her upbringing situation and a short, messy, failed marriage at a young age. As such to get her back on her feet and on track in life, whilst achieving all that she obviously could, we embarked down a pathway of exploration of her issues together. Punishment? No. Discipline? No. What did I choose to use my control of her for was to achieve an egalitarian, symbiotic relationship ... where she could explore herself and be her true self, i
  11. Is it peculiar that it is mostly the Trump supporter type who are the anti-Covid faction in the USA, whilst in the UK it seems to be the Brexit voter type. Maybe one should not draw any conclusion from that, it is anecdotal obviously. Who can say. Though one can say that 'common sense' is blatantly not common, Which is the problem with people claiming 'sense' ... Sense, common or otherwise, actually comes about with education and notably worthwhile experiences of the world. My family is one entirely of professional/academic people; We all stay inside, we all avoid people entirely, we work
  12. My wife will orgasm [if told/allowed to] during caning, whipping, spanking and from serious BDSM activities. Control of another is all in their mind, pain is all in their mind and orgasms are all in their mind ... Ergo, if the person perceives their predicament to be sexually exciting ... then they can cum either involuntarily or in BDSM, often by command. But then my wife will cum if I send her a txt telling her to. That is a fact not a joke nor internet exaggeration. If one gets the control balance right then the person is able to function completely normally. My wife is a high end
  13. People of course hold their breath because it is an innate response to danger. A sub conscious response we gained as we evolved and started wandering about the savannah some 400 or 300,000 years ago. When we were not the top predator ... In essence if it [the danger] doesn't pass, then explosive running can take place on that breath. It is an incontrovertible fact that pain is indeed all in the mind. By ceasing to breath one tenses the body muscles, increasing lactose acid build up in the muscles. The mix of rigid muscles and lactose acid increases the pain levels the mind receives from
  14. Not being unpleasant but I really wonder about people at times. A Sjambok or Litupa is made from either the heavy hide leather from a Rhinoceros or Hippopotamus or these days can often be fashioned from pvc/plastic strips ... You find them in Africa. They're very popular in S Africa with 'private security' people, who are basically mercenaries these days. These whips are designed to deeply mess people up ... they are not a playful instrument. @ammon has made an extremely sensible post ... I suggest people read it, digest it and then heed it. Whilst 'Staff' is mentioned it is qui
  15. There used to ab adage regarding the internet forum which popular in the early days, which went: 'On the internet men are men ... and so are 70% of the women' It was certainly a truism then. Has that changed? Quite probably, not a great deal. One can only counsel extreme caution on this type of forum, FB and similar. Because the reality is that people have no clue who they are talking to.
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