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  1. i am a 35 Female that is looking for roleplay on skype i am looking for a long on going spanking /sex RP i spank girls and get spanked by guys i very rarely will spank a guy if the mood is right and if the RP is something i feel can work i have lot of layouts for RP ill add them to the bottom of this post i do not do cam i do not use a mic sorry i just dont do it i do have a few pics tho my skype is emilyroleplays86@outlook.com here is 1 rp layout for girl girl and 1 for guy girl...... this one is GIRL GIRL we used to date i spanked a few times you hated it so much you left me .....about a month later i see on at 7-11 your in back of the door looking at drinks or soming when i walk in.....you turn and see me .....you start from that (we are both wearing t and jeans just to keep it simple ) and this one is GUY GIRL we just got married like a month ago we i just moved in with you about a week or so ago ...i have never spanked by you did threaten to spank me a few times but you neveer did it ....you come home from work and find that i agian didnt lock the front door AGAIN alot of scolding as its going on after the spanking you fuck my ass and make me suck you to show your in control i dont like rush'd roles so its a slow alot of detail what do i mean by alot of scolding ? well..... like walking me to the sofa scolding the hole way over stand me in front of you scolding as u move your fingers to the botton of my jeans more scolding then unbotton my jeans then more scolding then move your fingers to my jeans zipper then scold me more b4 lowering it and you get the idea more scolding then fingers in my wastband more scoling then pull them down same thing b4 my panties and you get the idea ....this gives me a chance to talk my way out of it tho we both know it wont help me any agian my skype is emilyroleplays86@outlook.com p.s yes im lazy and more to the point im sure there is typo's in this sorry about that but well not going to re read it to find them all
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