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  1. My wife and I got dressed up for dinner and before we went out she took me into the dining room and had me bend over a chair as she took out a oak paddle with holes and told me I was gonna get 10 on my jeans, 10 on my boxers and 15 on my bare and boy did she make sure they hurt. Dinner was great but my ass was on fire. We got home and I didn’t have time to take off my jacket as she escorted me into the living room and had me lower my pants and underwear and hand her my belt and had me bend over the back of the sofa as she delivered the hardest belting over ever had. She comforted afterwords an
  2. Just wanted to update everyone finally had that talk with my wife about spanking me and my need for discipline. At first she sighed and then said, “I’m glad you finally asked me.” We worked out that every Sunday I’m to receive a 2 part weekly maintenance spanking for the upcoming week. Part 1 before church and part 2 after. I’m to keep daily entries in a diary sort of thing and on Saturdays she’s gonna look at it and go over it with me and if I’ve done enough bad things I’m to receive a discipline spanking. So we started Sunday with a discipline/maintenance spanking I woke up and got dressed f
  3. @StevenSampsonWhat was the first spanking you got from her like?
  4. Thank you. It’s one of those I have a fear of being spanked but I know I truly need it and I hope she sees that and understands it
  5. Thank y’all and it’s for punishment
  6. Thank you. How do I start the conversation with her?
  7. Hello everyone I am new here and seeking some advice. I strongly believe in spanking but my wife is on the fence. Me I am submissive and needing to be spanked but I can’t find the courage to ask my wife to do it. Any advice on how to break the ice there?
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