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  1. Hope you have a wonderful day Ma’am. I’m so thankful that you’re in my life! You’re the best!


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    2. Spankinlyfe


      @sassylittle We need to take care of those that take care of us! Hope you had a wonderful day too ☺️!

    3. sassylittle
    4. Ms.Mary


      Thank you, it has been a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Thursday Ms. Mary!

    You’re wonderful, strict, warm, calming, and amazing.

    Snow is dumb, terrible, heavy, and makes my bottom cold.

    That is all.

    1. Ms.Mary


      You are wonderful and are going to be very successful in your endeavors. 

  3. Good morning Maam! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Ms.Mary


      You too!!! Behave!!!

    2. Spankinlyfe


      😳Yes Ma’am!

  4. Got it, I wouldn’t have thought that much about what to eat before.
  5. Thanks @sassylittle. Lol any pleading definitely won’t be useful 😅. She’s knows why I’m there and what’s needed. Good note with drinking water and eating beforehand, though nerves will make me not want to.
  6. Undies will be on, but normal undies until they are pulled down.
  7. Anyone have tips on how to prepare for your first spanking? Lotion, ice packs, stretches, prayers, bargaining, pleading, eat first, what to wear?
  8. Has anyone taken on a spanking program to help improve language choices? It’s not that I have a major problem with it, but after changing jobs recently, I’ve found there’s times where I catch myself using words at work that I’d rather not. I’ve heard of things like a swear jar, or just simply reporting it to your spanker, but wanted to see if anyone else has experience with a program that works.
  9. Haha I’d normally agree, but it’s been made clear that my spankings are to be given on the bare bottom. No panties for me.
  10. For sure, the plan would be to meet publicly and make sure we are both comfortable first, and any interaction that day will be more “maintenance” style introductory spanking, just to explore feelings and how my body reacts. Safety is always first and foremost, but any apprehension or nervousness I have isn’t based there.
  11. I appreciate the constructive thoughts, and surprisingly enough, apparently the easiest solution is...ask. It’s the obvious enough but still difficult to do. We had a great conversation and she’s someone I trust. It definitely helps know what the situation will actually entail, although no less daunting. I agree with the red flags thing, but she’s always been open and supportive the whole journey. I think the apprehension, nerves, and not wanting to feel needy are simply my issue. It’s still difficult for my brain to wrap itself around the idea that there’s a person who understands
  12. That’s why I’m asking what you discuss...
  13. So as my first adult spanking gets closer, I’m feeling quiet anxious as to so many details. There are so many unknowns that my mind tries to fill in! What will we discuss before? What do you wear to a spanking? How will i know when it will begin? Positions? Hand? Strap? Paddle? Cane? Pants up or down? Underwear? Do you leave your shoes on? How much will it hurt? Do I have to count? Will I cry? When it’s over, cornertime? Or is that before? Or not at all? Sooooooooo much my mind screams at me all day long it seems, but I also don’t want to overwhelm my disciplinarian asking 1000 quest
  14. That makes sense I suppose. I’ve always kind of assumed “spanking is spanking”, but in considering ACTUALLY getting one, I know I don’t like the idea of breaking a rule on purpose to get one. I’m sure that after an actual punishment spanking, it will be plenty of a deterrent. The way it’s supposed to be! just such a weird feeling to want one but not want one at the same time.
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