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  1. Just thinking about how LUCKY EE’s are to have someone around like Ms. Mary to take care of us. You’re the best 😘😘☺️☺️!!!

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    2. michgal.k


      (Suck up).

    3. Spankinlyfe


      @michgal.kA guy can try! 

    4. michgal.k


      You should join the dark ( brat) side. Way more fun and at least when you get spanked, it's for a real reason. 


  2. Your dynamic works for you, which is wonderful. It’s just my personal view that I would become resentful of being punished for something I felt I did not control. I’m sure the issue is personal between each eR and their eE, as everyone’s different.
  3. This. I don’t think you should be punished for something you can’t control. It will quickly leave during a punishment anyway.
  4. That’s fair. I suppose my version of scolding is “that look”, and a quick “we’ve talked about your behavior before, and we will talk about it again when we get home”. It doesn’t take much more than a stern moment for me to get in line but know others need/want more. If you’re getting more severe, specific, or some form of degrading, then yes, I would 100% agree that it hits the same point as any other public play. Know your audience and don’t assume they’re ok with your dynamic.
  5. Ms. L, I personally believe in FLR’s, and take no issue whatsoever with you spanking your husband. As you said, it is a decision that you made together. The reason I gave the three points that I did was to illustrate that too many want to “play” at this style of relationship rather than actually living it. For my point A, being respect, I would argue that if an eE is going to blatantly continue to do something that their eR has given them a verbal warning for, that they lack respect for their eR or their dynamic. This behavior signals people that want to “play” rather than have a rea
  6. In general, I don’t like the idea of counted swats, or a predetermined number of strokes. It defeats the point of a punishment for me, which is that it will continue until my ER decides it will stop. The whole point of the exercise for me is to submit and give up this control. It will end when she feels I have shown the appropriate level of contrition for my offense, or if for stress release, when she feels I have reached my limit and have had enough for her tastes. I can see the the idea of possibly mixing the two, possibly at the beginning or in the middle of a spanking, such as “th
  7. Punishments and discipline. Red to be given in private. Period. Anything that would be considered assault or illegal is still such regardless of your prearranged dynamic. There seems to be some confusion that this is a grey area for a F/m dynamic. It’s not. To make it easier to imagine, switch the genders. As a male eE, if I walk up on a man hitting a woman in public, I will call the authorities and/or physically stop it from happening myself. I’m not asking if he is her dominant, disciplinarian, or master. If as an ER you don’t have ways to stop an undesired behavior in public
  8. For me, cornertime has two functions. If given before a punishment, it serves to set my mind on what behavior got me into the predicament I’m going to be spanked for. If given after the punishment, it’s almost a form of aftercare. It allows me to quiet my mind, reflect on the changes I will be making, and reset my breathing. Sure, there is some embarrassment about standing or kneeling in the corner with a spanked butt facing the room, but it’s more about the mental space it puts me in that is very helpful in both situations (pre or post spanking).
  9. Luckily I haven’t had to deal with the thighs as my Mentor prefers to focus on the sit spot specifically. It goes without saying that she punishes me however she chooses, so if that where I’m going to get whacks, that’s her choice. I can imagine that the sting on the back of the thighs would be quiet painful in the moment. Part of a punishment for me however is the lasting reminder for some time after, which I feel the sit spot achieves much better.
  10. Hope you have a wonderful day Ma’am. I’m so thankful that you’re in my life! You’re the best!


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      Thank you, it has been a wonderful day.

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      Altruism is the only guarenteed method to succeed in making us feel good 

  11. Happy Thursday Ms. Mary!

    You’re wonderful, strict, warm, calming, and amazing.

    Snow is dumb, terrible, heavy, and makes my bottom cold.

    That is all.

    1. Ms.Mary


      You are wonderful and are going to be very successful in your endeavors. 

  12. Good morning Maam! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. Ms.Mary


      You too!!! Behave!!!

    2. Spankinlyfe


      😳Yes Ma’am!

  13. Got it, I wouldn’t have thought that much about what to eat before.
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