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  1. Sometimes it's just not meant to be. I really admire that you wish him the best despite the breakup. Cherish the memories, take some time for yourself and slowly move on. Time, time will heal the wound.
  2. Beautiful introduction. Although I'm more than a decade younger than you, I can deeply relate to what you've written. I think many (if not most) spankos go through the painful process of confusion and suppression to (hopefully) finally acceptance and pursuit. I agree with you that FetLife is not an ideal place for spankos (or anyone really). The anonymity seems to bring out worst in (some) people. When on FetLife, it gets exhausting to filter out all the vulgarity and stuff you're not interested in. But seeing couples on FL (e.g. @RandVix) living their real life spanko fairytale, is very encou
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