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  1. I’m adding my prayers to that too then. That’s awful.
  2. I like your term: compassionate threat. I’ve had a few pleasant daydreams about that sort of thing. In my daydreams, the person making that compassionate threat would definitely follow through on it. For my own good, of course. Any openings where you work? 😉
  3. I can relate. I always wake up just before I’m about to be spanked in a dream. But I have had dreams where I am the one giving the spanking, and those are very vivid. Maybe I’m a subconscious switch? LOL
  4. I (female spankee) can’t remember my exact age. I was probably about eight or nine? I was watching classic TV reruns and I saw Ricky spank Lucy on an episode of I Love Lucy. And that definitely rang my bell, so to speak. There were several episodes of that show where Lucy got spanked and I watched those repeatedly!
  5. I am a female spankee and consider myself to have some issues with authority. Mostly in the form of what I consider to be arbitrary rules enforced by people who have a “I’m just following orders” mentality. I don’t like the idea that rules are rules. I think things should be taken on a case by case specific basis. Is it any wonder I have fantasies of being spanked by a cop, lawyer or judge? LOL
  6. When I was about 8 my second grade teacher gave each child in the class a birthday spanking. She put a chair into the middle of the room and administered an OTK spanking to the birthday boy/girl’s clothed bottom while the rest of the class watched. It was all done in a very playful way. On her own birthday, she stood in front of her desk with her back to the class and each of us was encouraged to give her one birthday spank each over her black skirt. Which we all happily did of course. Oh, the politically incorrect 1980s! I always wondered how many of my classmates turned into lifelong span
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