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  1. I had a really hot Ag (agriculture) teacher in high school. I was upset I had to take the class until I saw the teacher. He smiled a lot, was super friendly and tried to make class fun. He was also a no-nonsense guy and seemed to have very capable hands.
  2. Spankingtube is my usual go-to. I’m usually looking for realistic reactions. Not the pretend swats and dramatic reactions. My favorites being those where I’m both sad and glad I’m not receiving the spanking that the ee received in the video.
  3. I definitely prefer when the er handles that. There’s always the hope they’ll leave them up. And like @Thoramayjust said above, I feel more like I’ve done something naughty and am being taken in hand and dealt with.
  4. Wow...I hadn’t really thought about this before. It’s definitely A all the way. Sometimes it’s the person I’m in a relationship with or from a previous relationship. Sometimes it is someone I would like to spank me or that I imagine would give a good spanking. Other times, it reminiscing back to spankings I’ve witnessed but had the luck (good or bad -who is to say?) avoid.
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