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  1. Hmm. I had a toss-up between two choices. Perhaps those who marked "Deeper relationship intimacy" get a side benefit of "sexual arousal" but view the former as more important?
  2. If one is upset, it seems that postponing the spanking would be sensible. Full disclosure: I only do this for funishment, so I may be wrong.
  3. Aye, it hurts. I don't think I would contact him again. Walk away and find someone who deserves you.
  4. 10 My shirt number at association football when I got picked.
  5. 10 Wasn't that a movie starring Bo Derek?
  6. For me, it would have to be the classroom. The thought of being caught doing something forbidden with a lady of the opposite sex (to steal a line from a Scottish comedy sketch show in the 1970's) and ending up across a female teacher's lap in turn is rather enticing. Not sure whether it would be better to go first and get it over with or to feel the anticipation building whilst the lady is getting spanked. This is not my wife's thing, so it will remain a fantasy and that is OK.
  7. My wife has an accent that moves back and forth across a Brooklyn-Southern continuum. That is quite hot enough for me, thank you very much. I think she rather likes my Sean Connery accent.
  8. Hmm. As a former association football referee, I struggle to think of a cost-effective way of using a football to toughen the hand. You'd have to deflate it just a bit, check the pressure once you've found what works for you and re-check before every training session. The problem I see is that the modern balls might be too hard on the hand, which would rather defeat the purpose. I grew up with three broad generations of footballs. There were the lace-ups that retained water and which were going out of fashion in the early 1970's. Then there was the new generation that was a little waterproof and with which I am most familiar. That would be the best ball to use but they were replaced from the 1990's, first at professional level then at the lower grades. The only issue is that it never took long for it's lovely smoothness to disappear, which would cause a problem - if you could even find a supply in mint condition. The modern balls are heavily coated to repel water. I would be cautious about using them. When I refereed five-a-side football in the 1970's and 80's we got new balls one year that were like overgrown tennis balls but the same dimensions as a size 4 football. We had been using volleyballs in the younger age-groups. I hated them for football but I think they would work for toughening the hand. We replaced two balls every season and kept the older ones for kicking in before the start of each week's play. By the way, when I say "football," I do, of course mean football, as opposed to hand-egg. Google "football versus and hand-egg" and you'll see what I mean.
  9. There is something pleasurable in raising a lady's dress or skirt to spank them on their panties, then in removing those panties to continue administering the spanking on the bare bottom. The lady who has solely occupied my lap for the last twenty-three years also derives pleasure from that. So it works for us. It builds anticipation (strange, because you'd think I know what her bottom looks like by now) and heightens the pleasure. Is it for everybody? I daresay not. I suppose it depends where your head is. If you had done a poll with this post, I think it would have been interesting and instructive to see the results.
  10. It's a toss-up between stress relief and fun/enjoyment for me. I chose stress relief but could easily have chosen fun/enjoyment because I think the two lead to the same place - at least for me. My wife is a Registered Nurse and I have my own tax and accounting business. Life is serious enough for us. Something we can both enjoy to relax is a nice thing to have.
  11. I did the quiz and it says I am a Bill Clinton liberal. Bill Clinton had completed his two terms before I moved here but, from what I can gather about his politics, the quiz got me pretty close to the mark. I believe we all need a helping hand from time to time. For me, that helping hand is, most often, in laws that prescribe handicapped parking spaces outside places of public accommodation. Give me help when I need it, but step back when I don't. In return, I'll honestly declare my taxable income and write a check to the IRS with a smile on my face.
  12. I'd start with your regular doctor. Hopefully you have a trusting relationship with them. Tell them the truth. Hopefully, they will be understanding and refer you to an appropriate specialist who will also understand.
  13. This needs saying, so thank you. As it happens, my wife and I have indulged, but I like to think we have been cautious. I can just recall one time, when we were coming out of a supermarket late at night. I thought the coast was clear for a quick slap on the hintend. Someone was sitting in a car, saw it and a goofy smile emerged on his face, the emergence of which was a relief. I don't recall doing it in public since. As for talking loudly in public, I have never done that. My wife and I have a selection of non-verbal signals for moments when we are both in the mood.
  14. Aye, filing an extension works to extend time to file, although it's a bit late now. 5% penalty per month, or part thereof, if you don't file an extension. Also important is paying tax on time. 0.5% per month, or part thereof, penalty plus interest. If the problem is that you are due a large refund, you both have a responsibility to figure out why that is and to adjust your payments (withholding, quarterly estimates) throughout the year so that you don't have a big refund. That is just giving an interest-free loan to the government.
  15. I came here a little over two years ago to ask a question in the Safety forum. I got a thoughtful reply so I hung around. I pop in a few times a month. Occasionally, I feel the urge to throw in my tuppence worth. Or ha'penny's worth in this case.
  16. Ah, I see what you mean, now that I've re-read the post. However, someone went onto Fetlife, then ratted out the teacher. If one is going to do that, one should explain why they were there in the first place. Glass houses and all that.
  17. This question would be more appropriate to St Andrews Day, As Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world at about 13%. A large chunk of Ireland isn't far behind though. Are all redheads evil and need to be spanked? Well, my wife is one so i say no to the first part and a resounding yes to the second.
  18. What I first thought of is that the real Buffett would survey the marketplace, study the fundamentals, understand the risks and opportunities in the long-term and, if the price was right, put in a bid. That has made the Oracle of Omaha a lot of money in the last several decades. Nothing in life is perfect and it takes work & sacrifice to even get close.
  19. Hang on a minute. What's the bigger problem here? A middle school teacher being on Fetlife or a 12 year old being on Fetlife? I trust we are all agreed it is the latter?
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