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  1. Although the words of caution were and are correct, I am not surprised at the dog's reaction. When I first visited the lady who is now my wife, we thought we had closed the bedroom door. We hadn't. The dog walked in, looked at us and cocked her head, wondering what on earth was going on. From then on, she always checked her "mama" to make sure she was OK then just let us get on with it. She was part chow (so very protective) and part collie (so very smart). Our next dog just lay on the floor in a huff, waiting for us to be done.
  2. For me, as a dormant epileptic, spanking is a means of "clearing the brain." What I feel after a good session, top or bottom, is the same as I felt after a seizure but without the distress. Now that does not mean I can skip my medication or regular trips to the doctor for blood work and a general check-up but, yes, it is just another tool to be used in the right circumstances.
  3. SkipNC


    Welcome to our community. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Most of us don't bite.
  4. I have never smoked, but when I went to the football in Scotland, I always liked the smell of a cigar or a pipe. That was when you could smoke in public, so a long time ago. It may have had something to do with being outside and just being part of the ritual - wrapped up against the cold, a mince pie and a cup of bovril at half-time and the friendly banter between opposing supporters. Least favorite smell has always been cigarette smoke. I have no idea why, considering my favorite smells!
  5. Hang on a minute. What sort of disciplinary spankings are we talking about here? If these are real problems that need to be addressed, is she also talking with you about them (I don't need an answer)? If not, I'd be bothered. If it's fantasy or just "clearing the head," I'd be less bothered as long as there is open and honest communication. As for resources, it's been years since I attended a party at Spanking Club of New York (it's a long trek from where we live now). I do recall that there were a few vanillas there. It seemed to be a safe space for them to allow their partners to indulge. If your SO can be convinced, I see advantages: 1. She gets what she needs and you get to see what is going on. 2. If you fancy it, you can participate. If your SO has a problem with that, think about why that might be and ask her to be sure. 3. A well-run party will allow you to explore, whether that is by spanking or just talking to a good mix of people. I do hope you find what you are looking for.
  6. Laura Kuenssberg is a Tory and probably slightly on the right wing of the Tory party. Now, she is easy on the eye, if I may put it that way. However, I don't see her playing a true dominant role. Being very opinionated is not enough to make one a dominant. In my opinion, she needs bringing down a peg or two but I am not sure her "Scot in London" persona would lend itself to that. Sorry to the non-UK people reading this. I do not know how to translate this, other than to visit the BBC website and see if you can find a clip that you can play outside the UK, to get a flavor of what OP is saying.
  7. My wife and I choose to have fun when we play. I am almost exclusively the ER. Am I dominant? Yes, but only because I am playing a part. I have no doubt it is part of who I am but the dominance lasts for as long as the session. I imagine that wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but it works for us.
  8. I always have my wife test a new implement on me first. She is 100% EE so it's not something she particularly enjoys. However, I get good information on the implement and feel more comfortable about getting the best out of it when it is my wife's bottom's turn.
  9. 1. A knuckle sandwich is, by most definitions, a punch in the mouth. So if we take literal liberties, one might simply describe it as a punch. A punch is more likely to cause real damage. Anyone who seeks that out would be advised to proceed with caution. 2. I daresay a backhander can be applied with EE and ER standing up and the ER swinging across their body (ie, to the right of the EE for a right-handed ER). I suppose that is fine if it's what you want. I don't recall ever trying it. I rather enjoy the different sensations of cupped hand, fingers spread and fingers closed via the forehand.
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