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  1. I always have my wife test a new implement on me first. She is 100% EE so it's not something she particularly enjoys. However, I get good information on the implement and feel more comfortable about getting the best out of it when it is my wife's bottom's turn.
  2. 1. A knuckle sandwich is, by most definitions, a punch in the mouth. So if we take literal liberties, one might simply describe it as a punch. A punch is more likely to cause real damage. Anyone who seeks that out would be advised to proceed with caution. 2. I daresay a backhander can be applied with EE and ER standing up and the ER swinging across their body (ie, to the right of the EE for a right-handed ER). I suppose that is fine if it's what you want. I don't recall ever trying it. I rather enjoy the different sensations of cupped hand, fingers spread and fingers closed via the forehand.
  3. Hmm. If it works - great. Some random thoughts: Doesn't it depend on the work dynamic? Consider if there are other employees. In many cases the thrill of getting caught is worth it to a lot of people. But if that happens in a work setting, what does that do to relationships with other employees? If there is just a boss and an employee, then I suppose it depends, in the first instance, on whether the relationship is boss/employee or as friends. I imagine that the latter would work better. I am idly curious as to how a spanking relationship centered on boss/employee is good for operational efficiency.
  4. This got me thinking. In Scotland, a conker that wins a game is called a Bully (Bully One for first win, Bully Two for second etc). So I looked up my American College Heritage Dictionary. Five definitions A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing A hired ruffian; a thug A pimp Archaic A fine person Archaic A sweetheart Now, if the archaic definitions float your boat, go ahead. however, to argue that the absence of "Bully" from a glossary makes it outdated is, I suggest, about-face.
  5. Hmm. Percussion-based to get you into a rhythm?
  6. When I lived in the UK, it was always more beer than wine. Since moving to the USA, wine has taken over, because American beer is rubbish. Seriously. It's over-fizzy alcopop. Even Guinness has some fizz to it, which is absolutely not how it's supposed to be. I get my wine from a local wine merchant who buys exclusively from small vineyards. Like @Rand E, I have to be careful how much i consume so I buy the best whisky (note spelling) that I can afford and which the great state of North Carolina is willing to sell to me.
  7. There are many things for which I wish there were a cure, but spanking is not one of them.
  8. There is evidence that swearing is a sign of higher intelligence, amongst other benefits. https://www.9news.com.au/world/why-swearing-is-a-sign-of-intelligence-helps-manage-pain-and-more/2e02e2e7-d77a-41e6-a006-bb2b249cadda
  9. Well, they did. Judicial birching was abolished in the 1970's. I was young then but, as I recall, it was a compromise to enjoy some of the benefits of being adjacent to the European Union.
  10. Hmm. This is not my thing, but I stumbled upon https://ddjennifer.wordpress.com/ some time ago. She writes well and provides food for thought. Maybe it will help you decide what you want from this aspect of your life.
  11. Good week, so far. No income at work but it's peaks and troughs in my profession. Darling wife is recovering from surgery so no spanking. I am keeping a list, of course.
  12. This has the beginnings of quite a nice short story. Mind you, perhaps use something other than "fanny," as that means something completely different in the UK.
  13. I like to think I am a helpful soul so I settled on my name as a public service to anyone visiting the eastern seaboard*. *May or may not be true.
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