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  1. Gemini and mostly spanker but also spankee. As Gemini is the twin sign, that has a degree of logic to it.
  2. Or he can't sit down at the keyboard yet.
  3. I suppose she's a celebrity according to some people - I vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I don't agree with her politics, but she is smart and we need smart people across the political spectrum. However, there is just something about her that says, once in a while, she needs to be brought down a peg or three. I can't quite articulate why. I hope this doesn't set off a fight on politics.
  4. David Icke suffered terribly from arthritis which, I believe, ended his association football career. The search for pain relief led him to alternative therapies and to people who have beliefs that are way, way out there. It is very sad. I am too young to have seen him play, but I remember him as a fine broadcaster. His ideas on how the world is controlled are, in very general terms, not all that far-fetched. There are plenty of sane people who rail against the meeting in Davos every year, for instance. The problem with is views is with the detail.
  5. In that case, having a separate implement makes sense. It separates the funishment from the punishment. Then again, some couples might like the idea of using a variety of implements for pure punishment and, at the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, that is OK too.
  6. I get the idea of keeping something separate for a pure punishment spanking. I suppose if the offenses for which it is used are properly serious, it makes a lot of sense. However, what if there are "grades" of offenses? Does it make sense for the punishment to fit the crime?
  7. I think tone is part of one's personality. The tone used should also be appropriate to the EE. Some will respond well to a raised voice and others will get more benefit from a more even tone. When I spank my wife, I think my voice is a touch louder than normal, but I may be wrong. We spank almost exclusively for fun so the tone is also more jocular than I suspect many here will be accustomed to. On the rare occasions my wife spanks me, it is very even-toned. That is simply who she is. Whoever is on top, this works for us, but it will not work for everyone.
  8. My wife and I received a leather paddle as a wedding present a couple of decades ago. It was branded Shadow Lane but was, I believe, made by a saddler in Ireland. Jem Creations sticks in my mind. I can no longer find any reference to it online.
  9. I think it is the spanking partner and the scene that makes a difference. I have spanked my wife in hotel rooms - lots of them - in the back seat of her car and at a rural railway station in England (name withheld to protect the guilty). On a few occasions, it has been my sad duty to spank her at home, either in the bedroom or in our living room.
  10. @ukspankothe Poll Tax riots are an interesting historical discussion. I remember them well. In fact, I refused to pay the Poll Tax in five different council areas. It was introduced the year before in Scotland and political pressure did not work. The "Can't Pay; Won't Pay" movement had yet to work its way through the legal process and the rest of the country did not care. I know because I had moved to England by then and the attitude was one of "Whinging Scots." Then the leafy suburbs in south-east England started getting their first bills. The shouty but physically non-violent protests
  11. I roast my own, let it sit for three days then enjoy it. I have been roasting for a long time but its only in the last three or four years that has included coffee.
  12. As a Scot, I suppose I really should use "Hintend," (thanks, spellcheck), but "Bottom," is, I believe, the only word I have used in a spanking context.
  13. Sassylittle, I think it is more a function of time rather than place. I was politically involved in Scotland about thirty years ago. When campaigning in a general election, I was leafleting in an area with lots of flats that required one to get buzzed in. A leafleter from another party held the door open for me and I returned the favor at the next block. This went on all evening. Very civilized and he even had the good manners to chuckle at a weak political joke I made. Nowadays, the main parties cannot even agree amongst themselves. It is all "ideological purity." I used to go to
  14. Ukspanko, can we agree Lorainne Kelly deserves a spanking for her tax shenanigans a few years ago? After watching that clip, how she convinced the judge is something about which we could wildly speculate.
  15. As it happens, my wife vetoed this. It is not a big deal to me. The tawse was a constant presence at school when I was growing up. I do not remember anyone not having moist eyes, at least, when they were done. I do not recall any great issues over damage to the hand, but the talk in the school yard was more along the lines of "See how tough I am." Mind you, four strokes was exceptional and six almost unheard of. TTWD does not have the formal constraints that the school system did when I was growing up. The discussion on feet highlighted something else for me. Everyone is diffe
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