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  1. Such a lovely tanning. Nicely done by this ER. My bottom needs one
  2. Good thought. I may have to try this.
  3. I’m looking for directed weekly assignment spankings. I’ve mostly been spanked in the past by a male ER. However w covid the past year, I’ve been doing self spanking. I’m having trouble w it being an effective form of correction for me as someone isn’t doing the disciplining. I feel if I have directed instructions and scolding it would be beneficial. I do weekly on Sundays to start my week and correct any negative behavior. Please advise.
  4. Male usually much older than myself. Disciplinarian. It adds to the anticipation or not wanting a good spanking and also the humiliation when bent over bare fanny exposed for his spanking
  5. I enjoy figging. It adds to the humiliation and embarrassment factor. My ER would make me lay naked on the bed. My rear propped up, and he would instruct me to spread my cheeks for him to administer fig. Very humbling. Once in he’d start the spanking w a belt. The warming sensation and stings of the belt are quite arousing. When he realized this he’d instruct me to rub down there and place a vibrator there as he spanked me. Gloriously rewarding punishment.
  6. Question. Thoughts on public spankings or being spanked in front of a group. I’ve been invited to a weekly group spanking and not sure what I think or what to expect. It is a male ER and only female EEs. Thoughts? I’m sure it helps with behavior correction, it’s embarrassing enough to be put over a knee and spanked. But I amogine with an audience it’s much more profound and humiliating. Anyone ever partake?
  7. I use bottom, sometimes fanny. I had an er that preferred fanny. And telling me to ask him to tan my fanny for being naughty. Those are the two I used most.
  8. I straddle a chair like this. I use a wide belt and fold it over. I swing with my right to get my left cheek and then vise visa. I arch my back a tad to make sure my bottom is out enough to be vulnerable to whips. I find it an extremely effective position it does sting and I find my bottom is quite tanned after about 20 licks per cheek. I’ve used a slipper in this position as well. But the belt works best. I find myself dreading the lashes with a belt far more. I just think for me self spanking doesn’t have the same effect. Part of the punishment is the embarrassment and dreading someone carr
  9. Belt. I’ve had a hard time finding an implement that worked well and delivered the discipline I wanted while self spanking bc obviously we don’t spank ourselves as hard as an ER would. I’ve found the belt works best for me. Delivers the tanning on naked bottom needed for behavior correction even though I’m doing it myself. I’ve tanned my own fanny quite well and go through the motions as if someone were spanking me. The process helps with the delivery.
  10. Question to put out there. Due to obviously covid, having an ER in person sessions are hard. I’ve tried so self spanking w mentoring but I don’t feel as though it gets the job done like a traditional spanking would.Thoughts suggestions to help with the self spanking.
  11. Question to put out there. Due to obviously covid, having an ER in person sessions are hard. I’ve tried so self spanking w mentoring but I don’t feel as those it gets the job done like a traditional spanking would. Thoughts suggestions to help with the self spanking.
  12. I wish we weren’t in these weird covid times. I’d like to experience an in person tanning from u.
  13. Always bare. The embarrassment of bare bottom is part of the punishment.
  14. That’s perfectly tanned. Whoever spanked did an excellent job. My fanny could use that type of tanning.
  15. I prefer bare bottom or nude it introduces an element of shame and embarrassment to the punishment. Also has to be over the knee, again shame and embarrassment for said bad behavior.
  16. Have you ever mentored self spanking? With covid in person has been had. As you seem like exactly what I’m looking for in an ER. For tanning my fanny. I do maintenance spankings typically on Sunday evenings to start my week.
  17. Lovely. This is exactly the kind of spanking I need. Nice red bottom
  18. What are spankers thoughts on this? Are you open to spankees stimulating themselves during spankings? I’ve gotten mixed opinions on this.
  19. This is exactly the kind of spanking I need.
  20. looking for a mentor for self spanking
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