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  1. I found your graphic novel 2 weeks ago. It's great!!!
  2. Good day @wide_eyed! Thanks a lot for the link! The books are about 80% similar to each other. But some of them differ in name and content.
  3. Good day @Naomi ! A lot of time has passed since your publication and I'm probably late. I can tell you, what we do with my girlfriend in such cases. If she lied to me and hid the story of her bad deed, then additional punishment is due. But, if she herself told me about her lies before she found out about it, then the number of blows is reduced, but they are delivered by a more painful instrument. It's good that you're little-ashamed. Don't be afraid. Tell your friend what happened and discuss this moment. If you like this idea, then as a tool for a shorter but more painful punishment,
  4. Spanking is truely international. I'm from Russia...I don't know if this book has been translated from Russian into English, but ... back in 1908, a Scottish doctor (practicing in St. Petersburg) wrote a monograph "The History of the rods". In this book, the author explored the "spanking and flogging history" of all eras, from ancient times (including ancient Greece and the Roman Empire) to 1908. Exploring the spanking and punishments history of different countries and their social institutions, the author focuses on 2 aspects: "flogging as punishment" and "flogging as a way to get pleasure."
  5. Hi Meserita! I hope that you will be able to fulfill your dreams and find interesting people. I wish you bright emotions and "strict" partners =)))!
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