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  1. Lucky you! Wish I could say the same. Had to settle for a long (but really good) talk with my ER last night. I don’t like the spankings when I’m about to get one, but I sure need them. Was yours disciplinary?
  2. Uh no, not feeling it. The strap-on is too bdsm-ish or maybe just comes across weird. This reads like a porn ad. But to each their own. Hope you find what you’re looking for.
  3. I agree! Feel for ya’ too. 😉What’s up with those ER’s?
  4. Well at least somebody will be getting it besides me!! 😄
  5. Ditto. That’s a disaster waiting to happen, especially for somebody with a respected reputation, or a career they have to protect.
  6. I don’t believe it’s as simple as “crier” or “not a crier”. I’m not at all a crier, wasn’t even when I was a young kid. The last two times I remember crying was when my grandma passed away when I was 17, and when my daughter was born. I didn’t shed a tear even when I got nailed in the coconuts while playing paintball, and you don’t want to know the pain and swelling involved with that!!! Had to go to the ER. And I didn’t even come close to crying through my divorce, nor with my previous disciplinarians. I do agree that the harshness of the spanking doesn’t affect one’s ability to cry.
  7. To my favorite disciplinarian (and one of my favorite people in the world, for that matter), just want you to know that I appreciate you to the moon and back.  😘



  8. Not tell what? I didn’t do anything wrong!!!!! Now in addition to @sassylittle bullying, belittling, and abusing me, she’s trying to blackmail me too! 😩 And what “good boy treats” would I be missing out on? 🤨
  9. Hey wait a minute, Miss Chawsee! Why aren’t you on my side??? What about our domme/sub bond? 😉
  10. I would like to report that I feel bullied and belittled and abused by @sassylittle! 🤣
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