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  1. “Bare bottom freakout” is perfectly fitting. 🤣
  2. Yup, been there! I just call it the panic stage, probably because it’s one of the “5 stages of a spanking” my disciplinarian has mentioned in the past.
  3. Men don’t get as emotional about thee kinds of things, but yeah, we can get pretty attached to our spanker too, particularly when she’s somebody we trust and look up to. Getting dumped sucks, even for male EE’s, but in all fairness, ER’s sometimes put up with a lot, so it’s not always their fault. Sometimes we wear them out. Not saying you did that, but I’m guilty of it.
  4. The panties on a man thing is getting too weird. I think I’ve had enough of this thread.
  5. I agree with @ammon, who covered it well. Good point about getting spanked engendering the need for more spankings. Hadn’t realized that pattern until you said it, but that’s true for me as well.
  6. Not going to argue that, I’m long overdue for a spanking! But there’s only one woman I submit to, and I can’t get to her right now.
  7. They’re no fun while they’re happening, but the anticipation and the way you feel afterwards make it worth it. Try going 6 months without any. 😒
  8. I usually have 2-3 Zoom meetings a week, sometimes as many as 8, depending on the project we’re working on and how many different departments we have to cross our “i’”s and dot our “t”s with. It’a not unheard of for us to have 3 meetings in a day.
  9. Yes!!! I can relate to this, and even then, it’s only sometimes, depending what I’ve done wrong that I’m being punished for. I’m definitely not a little, and I converse with a few other subs here who experience the same thing, and I’m pretty sure they’re not littles either. But it helps to understand littles, since we have quite a few, it seems, here on the forum.
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