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  1. Dear You, I think it’s possible that I might be the woman (or one of them) that you are looking for. How would you like to proceed in getting to know each other? You might want to read my “about me” section ... especially toward the end of it ... and then I could send you a questionnaire to get to know what you’re needing? I know exactly how you feel. 🥰 Let me know if you’d like to chat ... till soon, Kate
  2. I’m new to this site but a life-long lover of being spanked   ... and now of spanking others too. 

    If you’re 1-2 hours away (or closer!) to the beautiful city of Philadelphia ... please visit my “About Me” section and see if maybe you should send me a note.   

    I’m giving myself a very directed attempt at finding my PEOPLE!! 

    it’s time. ☺️


    1. dmirk


      It’s time indeed.  

    2. Hook


      That is one fine looking bottom.

  3. I’m loving all the pics you post. 😍

  4. I don’t know what this would be used for in the cooking world. Maybe stirring a stew for an army??? But in the spanking world ... it gives mighty coverage to each reddening cheek, one sound THWACK at a time. And that’s exactly the sound it makes. THWACK!!! (It’s heaven)
  5. Do you think I’m obsessed with wood? 😁
  6. JaneWinthrup


    The epic German guy. 😂 I always loved his swipe-across technique. 😍
  7. I could just leave this on loop for an hour. 😂
  8. Are there protocols for giving and receiving spankings while staying Covid-safe? “Hey, spank the heck out of me ... but please don’t breathe on me!!” ??? Or are we trapped in an online-only world of theoretical spankings? (asking for MYSELF. lol)
  9. Well do please feel free to pm me and let’s get to know each other a bit. ☺️
  10. Hi there! Are you still seeking?
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