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  1. For what it's worth, I remember the two of quite well. I won't mention names here, but you once passed along a "Notice of Discipline" that had been "tweaked" for the dynamic of our Yahoo group. I doctored it a bit myself actually., lol. I think I still have it on a thumbdrive somewhere, lol. Glad to see that K and C are still out there . . .😉
  2. One of the items on my "bucket list" is to be spanked outdoors . . .
  3. Thanks for the kind words . . . It was a "labor of love" as they say. It shut down on the very day of it's 12 year anniversary.
  4. I am curious as to what the "task" you have to complete before ned every night is . . .
  5. Still hoping to find a no-nonsense, firmhanded older woman in the Myrtle Beach area to administer disciplinary spankings a few times a month . . .

  6. I am in North Myrtle Beach . . . not sure you travel over othis way, but if you do, let me know.  Would be happy to warm your bottom.

  7. My wife isn't much of a scolder at all . . . never really has been.
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