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  1. My wife isn't much of a scolder at all . . . never really has been.
  2. It never ceases to amaze me how some husbands will PURPOSELY shirk off a chore, or procrastinate, just to provoke a spanking. Not sure whether it is because they enjoy the "idea" of being spanked, or the spanking itself, but IMHO, I think it is disrespectful. An FLR isn't, and shouldn't be, a "game" . . . That's just my 2 cents
  3. I was never spanked as a kid, and I have no idea how I first became interested in spanking. That said, I don't think it will become less prevalent at all . . . I think it will actually be the opposite. It seems EVERYTHING is now being "allowed" and I can see spanking becoming more and more common-place. Just my 2-cents . . .
  4. I had a hip replaced in 2009 . . . after that, we pretty much stayed away from wooden implements all together. I had 2 leather paddles custom made for my wife to use instead. Unlike wood, leather "gives" upon impact, making it a much safer choice.
  5. I owned and operated a group on Yahoo from 2007 until 2019 that was dedicated to domestic F/m spanking. It was called "Spanked_by_their_Wives" . . . We had about 2500 members and it was completely SPAM free. Unfortunately, when Yahoo was sold, the new owners decided to shut down Yahoo Groups all together. We tried to recreate the group at Reddit, but it never took off.
  6. I think you just did . . . "I know I want it, but I don't know why." Eventually, you might come to understand the "why." In the meantime, don't make yourself crazy over it . . .
  7. Unfortunately, it left much to be desired. I don't think he was as "experienced" as he claimed to be. I thought I smelled booze on his breath when he arrived at my house and actually asked him about it. He denied having had anything to drink. I told him I could understand him having had a drink to "relax" as long as it didn't impair his ability or judgement. (He didn't seem drunk or anything.) Anyway, he spent 5 minutes hand spanking me over my Bermuda shorts, then another 5 minutes hand spanking me over my underwear. By the time he finally got around to baring my bottom I was actually bored . . . He spanked hard, but with a very stiff arm (no snap of the wrist) and the result was more of a deep muscle discomfort afterwards. He left me with a red ass (I think I added a picture of it to my gallery), but I won't be getting together with him again. The chemistry just wasn't right.
  8. I have to agree . . . looks like he was just getting started. Was this an early picture?
  9. Well, if you are hoping for future spankings, I would rethink referring to it as an "ass beating" . . . My wife has been spanking me since the early 90's and has always been afraid of hurting me. Although there have been numerous times when I asked her for a spanking (because I was due), I have never asked her for an "ass beating" . . . If I did, I doubt she would want anything to do with it.
  10. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), my wife never spanks when angry, and frankly, I wish she would. I can certainly tell when I'm in a blue funk or just being a jerk about something, and I think an OTK right then and there would be "just what the doctored" as they say. Instead, she'll usually take a few days before she is ready to spank me. By then, things have settled down, and I don't think the spanking is as effective as it might have been had she done it immediately. Perhaps, she just wants me to stew for a while . . .
  11. One thing to keep in mind is that many of the individuals who frequent this site (and similar sites) have never actually been spanked, or may simply fantasize about being spanked or spanking someone. Nothing wrong with that, but if you are looking for a real time experience (on either end of things) you might be disappointed. The "ghosting" usually takes place when the numerous chats you have had with an individual have taken things to the point where the next step would be to actually meet. Even if that means for a cup of coffee. However, once the fantasy starts to get closer to becoming "reality" is when people tend to put the brakes on. Others simply chose to roleplay here and cyber-spank. Nothing wrong with that either I suppose . . .
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  13. About 30 years ago, when my wife first started spanking me, she noticed I found the idea of being spanked erotic. She didn't think it was a good idea for me to be "enjoying" being spanked by her, so she started having me bring myself to orgasm right before puting me over her knee. She would get out her chair and a little towel and place it on her lap. Then she would tell me to "get busy" . . . and do absolutely nothing to help me in that regard. She would just sit there, arms folded and wait. If she thought I was stalling she might eventually say something like, "Hurry up, I know you can do better than that." As soon as I orgasmed (onto her little towel) she would fold it up, set it aside, and immediately put me over her knee. Needless to say, being spanked right after an orgasm is DREADFUL. Hated every second of it, in fact. She only had to do this for about about 5 or 6 weeks before she had basically "conditioned" me to NOT find the idea of a spanking erotic in any way. Holds true to this day . . .
  14. As someone who introduced my wife to the idea of spanking me back in the early 90's, and who has also had domestic discipline become an on again/off again thing over the years. The biggest mistake you can make is topping from the bottom. I have been guilty of that numerous times. My intention was always simply to suggest how she could be more effective in spanking me, but she didn't see it that way. In fact, her comment (that finally set me straight and prompted me to shelve the idea of trying to be helpful) was this: "It's never going to be the way you imagine it to be." In short, let her spank you the way SHE wants to spank you, and just be grateful she is willing to start spanking you again.
  15. Update: I did a public meet with my prospective 6'7" spanker yesterday. Met him at Lowe's and we talked out in the parking lot for about 20 minutes. Since he doesn't appear to be a serial killer, we have tenetively scheduled my first spanking from him for next Wednesday evening (January 4th). My wife typically spanks me on Sunday mornings, but didn't this past Sunday because it was Christmas. Since she knows of the pending trip over this fellow's knee next week, she will be spanking me later tonight, but not on Sunday. I'm pretty sure his spanking will be much worse than what my wife typically administers . . . which of course, is precisely why she is okay with the idea. I think she appreciates all the help she can get. 🙂
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