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  2. Received the rattan carpet beater I had ordered to give my wife one more means of disciplining me . . . She used it for the first time last night.  It HURTS!  It also doesn't help that my bottom is smaller than the business end of the beater.  More than a few swats landed on my upper thighs.  However, being spanked with a carpet beater was one of the items on my "bucket list" so we took care of that.  Still looking to be spanked outdoors.



    1. rubyredd


      That is such a pretty one, too. 

  3. It doesn't look as though the opening is large enough . . . I would just pull the entire skirt up out of the way.
  4. It doesn't look as though the opening is large enough . . . I would just pull the entire skirt up out of the way.
  5. I think it would be even more effective to have to wear it AFTER being spanked . . . "You can come out of the corner now, but you are going to wear this t-shirt for the rest of the day." Would make one think twice about wanting to be spanked again.
  6. Although you directed this question to the women here, I think it would be far more embarrassing for a male to wear a t-shirt like these.
  7. Finally pulled the trigger on buying a carpet beater . . . Last week, when my wife agreed to start spanking me again, I suggested we get one just to minimize the noise.  (Her thick leather paddle isn't exactly quiet.)  Always wanted to experience being spanked with one; next week I'll be crossing that item off my bucket list.

    I looked at several of these before deciding on this one.  I liked the fact that it only had two strands of rattan woven together.  Years ago I bought my wife 3 really nice custom made rattan canes complete with leather wrapped handles, but her aim was TERRIBLE.  This should be a little easier to keep on target.


    1. rubyredd


      I have a couple that are similar to the type in the picture. But, because they are quite old, one has started to fall apart. I would like to get one made specifically for spanking, I think. Hope you enjoy it!

  8. Yes, it would be open to everyone, not just the males. (I assumed that much was a given.) In fact, even at my former Yahoo group there were several wives who posted the "event" on the calendar, sometimes while their red bottomed husbands stood in the corner, lol.
  9. I owned and operated a Yahoo group for 12 years called "Spanked_by_their_Wives" . . . Unfortunately 2 years ago Yahoo decided it would no longer offer ANY groups, and that put an end to the group. One of the features I used there was the group calendar. I set it up so members could post their spankings for the rest of the group to see. My wife jokingly referred to it as "The Wall of Shame" . . . For instance, you could click on the calendar and see that on Sunday "Bob spanked" or "Allen paddled" etc. You could also click on the entry itself and see any details left by the poster. Some just posted the event itself, whereas others might include details such as, "Wife didn't like my attitude and turned me over her knee as soon as we got home. OTK; hand and belt." It was one thing to have recently been spanked, quite another to realized that 3000 members knew about it. It was pretty neat to be able to open the calendar late in the month and see all the spankings, which days they most often occurred, etc. Not sure if a calendar is doable here, but I think it would be a big hit.
  10. I think the blue is great . . . MUCH easier on the eyes. The site also seems to be loading faster in the past few days.
  11. My wife started spanking me around the same time, except I knew I wasn't the only husband being held accountable. Domestic discipline is far more "mainstream" than you can imagine.
  12. I had my first spanking by a male probably 10-12 years ago. The reason I decided to let a male spank me was because I had always wanted to experience a bare hand on a bare bottom OTK, and I have yet to meet the woman who could even get my attention with just her hand. (My wife NEVER spanked by hand, ALWAYS paddled me.) Since then I have been spanked by several other males . . . and it is always OTK initially. To me, once the spanking starts, the gender of the spanker quickly becomes irrelevant.
  13. Decided to sit down with my wife and see if I could get her interested in spanking me once again, and she agreed.  In fact, the next day she did exactly that.  It was both painful and absolutely wonderful . . .


    1. rubyredd


      Congratulations! I am glad it worked out. 

  14. I am also in the Cincinnati area and looking for a regular disciplinarian. Over the years I have been spanked by both males as well as females, but at this point in time, I would LOVE to find a no-nonsense female to put me over her knee once or twice a month. Wife used to spank me for the better part of 25 years, but now that we are older, her interest has waned. (She was vanilla when we met and only spanked me because she realized my interest in being spanked wasn't just a "fad" . . .) I have been spanked by other women over the years, all with her blessing. (Yes, you can talk with her and even meet her beforehand if you like). I am retired and free to travel . . . Please message me if you think you might like to help.
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