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  2. When my wife and I first began to explore spanking, we switched back and forth. However, my wife quickly realized that she HATED being spanked. Right around that time we stumbled upon the DWC (Disciplinary Wives Club) and decided that F/m DD was a better fit for us. She was vanilla when we met . . . still is for the most part. She simply realizes that spanking me on a (somewhat) consistent basis is beneficial.
  3. My wife has been spanking me since the early 90's . . . I have also been spanked by numerous "other" females as well as males. Never been spanked to tears . . . it is something I stopped worrying about long ago.
  4. I saw a guy who I suspected had spanked me a few years ago, so I said "Hello" . . . Turns out I was right. Not sure I understand your concern. If they are on this site, they are interested in spanking . . .
  5. We actually have 3 custom made, REAL rattan canes that we haven't used in years. Frankly, my wife's aim was TERRIBLE and each has only been used a few times. They are 3 slightly different lengths (34.5, 32, and 30 inches) and have leather wrapped handles and loops for hanging them. Every few months I remoisturize the rattan by wrapping them in a wet towel and then letting the rattan absorb the moisture. If anyone is interested, I will be more than happy to sell them. PM me is you are interested.
  6. My wife used to lay out several implements on the bed and say, "Pick two . . . " So, I would carefully try to pick out two implements I thought might get me off easier. More often than not, she would take the two items I handed her and put them aside and pick two other items instead. Often saying something like, "Well if that's what you want me to use, I should probably use these instead (referring to the two others she had selected). Of course, over time, I thought I could outsmart her . . . I recall one such instance where when she asked me to pick out two implements, I chose the two I really DIDN'T want to be spanked with, thinking once again she would pick two others instead. Much to my surprise (and horror), when I handed her the two implements, she said, "I thought you hated these two . . . but if that's what you want, that's fine by me. Now get over here." I'm not sure whether she was "on to" what I was trying to get away with, but after, I gave up trying to be clever. These days she has 3 or 4 implements set aside for my Sunday morning spankings, and knows how to apply them for the best results.
  7. Here is the best advice I can give you . . . and something my wife has reminded me of a few times over the 30 plus years she has been spanking me: "It's never going to be the way you imagine it would be . . ." In other words, let her find her own footing. Avoid the urge to "coach" and let her get comfortable with the idea. Forget your expectations and be grateful that you are married to a woman who is willing to keep you in line. There are probably a few hundred guys on this site that would trade places with you in a nano-second.
  8. My wife started spanking me in the early 90's. These days, I am typically spanked on a Sunday morning (although sometimes she will literally forget and then remember a few days later.) My spankings are almost all "maintenance" . . . she realizes I am less stressed and on a more even keel when she turns me over her knee on a regular basis. She NEVER spanks by hand, always uses either a thick leather paddle I had custom made for her, and or a short strap. Since having a hip replaced in 2009, we have pretty much stayed away from wooden implements, although lately she has been using a small, oval, bamboo hairbrush as well. Her spankings only last about 2 minutes, but I am more than ready for her to be finished when she does stop. I have attached two pictures of the leather paddle I had made for her a good 8-10 years ago. Note the two different sides. Yes, I can definitely tell when she flips it over and used the side with the pattern.) The last pictures are some of the arsenal we amassed over the years. Most of these we no longer use, except for that short strap.
  9. She just got caught trying to hide her husband's involvement in an energy firm (to the tune of nearly $500K per year for the past 2 years) as well as "accidental" deposits driectly into her bank account from her campaign fund via venmo payments. Who else thinks this woman seriously needs to be spanked . . . ?
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