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  1. thanks for looking m 72 in western pa soooooooooooo into real spanking

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      This is "pantiesdown" from SpankThis hookups . . . 

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      hope to chat or better yet talk soon

  2. Probably a good 10-12 years ago, I decided to let a male spank me . . . I had always wanted to experience a good old-fashion, bare hand on a bare bottom OTK, and had yet to meet the woman who could get my attention with just her hand. Since that time, I have probably been spanked by 5 or 6 other males. Although my first preference would be no-nonsense woman between 55-70, when it comes right down to it, a spanking is a spanking. Certainly better than not being spanked at all . . .
  3. My wife was vanilla when we met and only agreed to spank me because she realized it was wasn't a "fad" that was going to fade away. She started spanking me in the mid 90's and spanked me about once a week for many years. Now that we are older, her interest has waned . . . it was never something she got enjoyment from. We sold our house last July preparing to move abroad, but COVID changed all that. Now in an apartment (for the time being) privacy is harder to come by and her spankings have stopped all together. She last spanked me in August (shortly after we moved into the apartment) but
  4. My spankings have been primarily maintenance . . . However, now that we are older she seems much less interested in spanking me. We sold our house in July (hoping to retire to Europe, which is currently CLOSED; especially to Americans) and now live in a nice apartment, but no longer have the privacy we used to. She last spanked me in August, shortly after we moved in. Ironically, as her interest waned, I have indeed been spanked by others "outside the home" . . . the latest a fellow from this very website about a month ago. She realizes I still need to be spanked, and has no problem with s
  5. My first wife knew of my interest in spanking, but literally called it "perverted". . . After we divorced (due to a myriad of other reasons) and I was dating the woman who I am now married to, I decided that if I was going to enter into another relationship, there weren't going to be any skeletons in my closet as they say. On a drive from Boston to NYC in 1992 I gathered up my courage I told her of my interest in spanking. She paused for all of 3 seconds, then said, "Well if it's that important to you, we might as well take care of it at home. Otherwise, you'll just end up going outside the
  6. Is that actually you, or just wishful thinking?
  7. I too, prefer to be spanked by a mature female spanker who is a bit older . . . However, now that I am 64 they are much harder to find. Since I have two daughters in their mid 30's, the idea of being spanked by a woman roughly their age is just too weird.
  8. IMHO the lowering of the panties is all part of the psychological aspect of the spanking. That said, wearing a thong would not be detrimental to that element, particularly if a skirt was involved, or long nightshirt, etc. I think at some point, the spankee should feel at least a bit "exposed" (for the embarrassment factor if nothing else . . .). Yes, you should be "comfortable" with whether you are spanked on the bare or not, but you should also consider that (in general) an effective spanking should be "uncomfortable" unless you are spanking for fun or foreplay.
  9. Is she holding a coin of some sort (penny or dime) against the wall with her nose?
  10. As I said, I (personally) have yet to meet a woman who could effective hand spank me. I didn't say they aren't out there. Several years ago, a woman came over to our house to spank me. She was there specifically to spank me by hand. My wife NEVER spanks by hand, ALWAYS uses a paddle. This was one of the very few times she has stayed to observe when someone else spanked me. After about 8-10 minutes of this woman trying to spank me by hand, my wife could see she was getting nowhere. So, my wife went and got one of her favorite thick leather paddles and gave it to this woman; who proce
  11. Although I too, prefer a hand spanking over anything else, unfortunately, I have yet to meet a woman who could even get my attention with just her bare hand on my bare bottom.
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  13. As you can see, I found the photo I doctored . . .

    86762601_tumblr_86d49809693a543b11926a93ac0ba162_b71eff08_1280(2) (2).jpg

  14. I actually played around with this photograph and had a couple of versions I was going to post. However, I can't for the life of me remember where I saved the doctored images. I'm sure I'll stumble upon them as soon as I stop looking for them.
  15. I think it would look even better with a little more color in those cheeks. I may play around a bit with Photoshop . . . 😏
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