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  1. I’m putting up clips now on spanking tube. I’m there under Phil01 .
  2. Writing this 4 days later I can still feel some soreness deep in the muscle. I had a dusky pink hue up until day 3 but that’s sadly gone now. My spanker told me that he would treat me as a newbie given how long it had been. I wasn’t looking for punishment as I stated earlier so the atmosphere was pretty casual. The evening started with me choosing from a case of implements but my first spanking was with his hand across his knees on the bed. When that first spank fell I just remember thinking “FINALLY”! I took a series of spankings, most about 3-5 minutes in length, with each implement I brought to him. I chose a leather paddle, a short handled strap and a few wooden game paddles. I also went over the bed for the belt and strap. As the spankings went on they got a little longer and more serious. The last was over his knee with him cycling through each implement again. I was kicking by the end of it. I was pleased and relieved at how it all went! Even though the exterior glow is gone, I still feel the glow inside (now that I have these recent events to play over in my head)! I snapped back well from the discipline which makes me feel like taking more and introducing some real life issues to the next session.
  3. Hi. I never had a problem logging in until I needed to use my cell one night instead of the galaxy tablet I usually use. Now I can log on fine from my cell but the tablet tells me it’s the wrong password. I recently used the “let google set your password” feature and that may have complicated matters. :( Im glad I can still log on here, but i try to keep the spanky stuff off the cell I use all day Thanks for your help and I love the site 💗 Phil
  4. This was the end of the night. I shot some video I will post to spanking tube eventually.
  5. Thankyou! I definitely felt that sense of calm. Felt like I was home again. Not literally the home I grew up in, but taken care of and put in that place in my mind.
  6. Had a great time! I’ll write more later but for now I will just say OUCH!!!
  7. Tomorrow is the big day! Still not nerous. Really excited actually. I'm not sure how I'll feel immediately afterwards, but I'll post while it's still still fresh in my mind.
  8. A spanking can make you feel cared for. It can be a relief to give up control to an authority figure who has your best intetests at heart. It can be a comfort to know someone cares about you enough to not like it when you screw up and do something about it.
  9. Them. I love the feeling of the buckle and zipper being undone. I think at that very moment I'm taken over I'm glad. Because I've pursued and obsessed about this moment so it would be silly to not be glad to reach it. It may be a fleeting feeling but it's there.
  10. Thank you! Its a mobile. Google chrome is the browser.
  11. Talked to my disciplinarian tonight. One week from tomorrow is the big day. At this point all I feel is excitement that after such a long dry spell I'm finally going to get spanked but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that giddiness gives way to other emotions as the week ticks on.
  12. I bet you did. That's part of what I want to feel. Held accountable for. Have the reins taken away from me and put in my place for my own good. Spanked to wake me up to some things. But done out of concern more than anger.
  13. Yes I know what you mean. The lead up and come down have their own unique qualities.
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