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  1. Today's spanking was so... wonderfully intense and fun. I love fun. No pretext, no reason other than we are two spankos who enjoy it.

    Much to my delight, he asked me to wear a particular pair of jeans. I paired the jeans with a cropped t-shirt (how are these back in style?). He set out three implements - the wooden hairbrush-style paddle, the lexan paddle - his new favorite - and our traditional cane. We started out OTK with a leg-lock for the hairbrush paddle and the lexan. He started out slow with the brush, but built to a rapid-fire pace. Same again with the paddle... measured swats leading to a blistering speed that left me breathless.

    After a brief break to bare my bottom, he resumed the onslaught with the paddle - and seemed to take great pleasure in my reactions. I pride myself on being able to take a good spanking, but that paddle really stings. After a rousing crescendo, we took another brief break to switch positions. Once I was over the edge of the bed, he moved on to our traditional cane. The other implements had warmed me up so nicely that even very sharp strokes felt delicious. I remarked on how that cane never seemed to leave bad marks. Which he assumed was a complaint. So, just for fun, he switched to a straight cane that was given to us by a friend. And wouldn't you know it, the damn thing broke right across my backside after only a couple dozen strokes. He pulled one more cane from the box - an unfinished length of cane that I would classify as a "junior" - as opposed to our traditional crooked handle one that is a "senior" cane. I digress - everyone knows I am a cane snob, right? Anyway, he used the junior cane fast and furiously - like a switch - to give me a proper thrashing. His words.

    I will spare you all the more intimate details, but it was a wonderful way to while away our time. Sadly, all the implements are packed away now and it will be a month or so before we see them again.


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    2. Spanknutt


      How nice of someone to make implements for you. And, not gonna lie, that is a fabulous target in that photo. 

    3. rubyredd


      Very kind, indeed! @Spanknutt And thank you! 

    4. nicoleS39


      Thank you, @nicoleS39. I am trying to share some real life experiences, but I would like to try writing spanking fiction again soon. 

      Good for you!  I am sure you will do that well. I too just started to dabble in writing some fiction stories....but thus far I have lacked the time and...the self discipline...to do it much. I know you will succeed. You are very articulate and self-disciplined.

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