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  1. What happens when a spanking situation becomes a battle of wills? What level of struggling is appropriate?

    Bottoms: Do you ever put up a fight during a spanking? How do you struggle, if at all? What is the expected outcome?

    Tops: How do you react when an EE puts up a fight / struggle? Any specific experiences to share? What behavior is tolerated and what is not?

    Personally, I love to move during a spanking - I don't usually try to get away, but I will kick and squirm if I am able to. Those reactions are mostly involuntary or part of trying to alleviate the sting or exercise my frustration at not getting my way. But, sometimes I will put up a fight and resist and attempt to control the spanking situation.


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    2. DiscreetSpanko8


      @rubyreddregarding the "battle of wills" its dependent on the situation. If it were in the context of an established dd relationship, then it would probably be a nice spicy addition to things, and  I'm always up for that. Likewise, looking at it from a playful and/or funishment situation I could see it being an enjoyable addition to whatever dynamic we had. The thing is, I remember a discussion or 2, thought it was here but it may have been another site, where this topic was brought up and some folks seemed to think that "winning" the battle of wills was nigh all-important. And if so then ok, but for me it isn't. My "win" is an enjoyable session with my partner. If she's just not feeling it, well, another time. If it's playful or just general brattiness then by all means, let the battle commence! Typically it's not an issue for me because I take a while to get to know anyone I'm going to play with and by the time things get physical she already knows what I'm about and vice versa. 


      Regarding line crossing, if it's a reach back either restraints get used or, if those are impractical due to availability or something, I'll hold her wrists in my left hand. If it's a case of too much thrashing around, usually a position adjustment to a leg lock. Whatever adjustment is made, the force and/or tempo usually increases unless it's pure funishment. Even for those the duration is gonna increase. There needs to be some penalty otherwise it's anarchy;) . *Shrug* I play with safewords only, so if she really needs me to stop then she can stop me at any point. Likewise if I think a session should stop then it does. 


    3. rubyredd


      @DifferentialP- I am with you... I think a little struggle keeps it interesting.

      @TigerGowan- hope you are recovering well and following doctor's orders. That's the thing - I wouldn't put up a fight if implied or explicit consent wasn't understood. Communication is especially important. 

      @FtWorthOTK55- I always enjoy your descriptions of what you love about spanking. I often feel the same. Oddly, I have giggled during a spanking, too... even though it really hurts. 

      So, weird thing... I might actually go willingly and without fuss into the spanking, but start fighting in the middle. The spanking is well underway, but that is when I decide to force my way out of it. 

    4. Lotsapappa


      Although more an EE, when I get chance as ER it does not come as natural. Using the Lead Follow dance approach, when she leads kicking or throwing hand back, I try to follow with in a prepared way. So Over lap, push her forward so both hands in front on floor, or kicking legs make her keep toes on floor. If erotic goal, press her into your junk, if punishment don’t. Switch otk raises her bottom higher exposes better potentially harsher with leg lock switch straddle. Get a or make a monkey fist knot small one for wrist large one waist - the leverage you get amazing. Under your arm position or knee raised on chair legs arms dangling immobilizes or negates any movement. All this assumes ER physically larger stronger and is Following her Lead correctly  but has the steps worked out depending upon her movements and where you both are on the erotic-pain/pleasure - punishment scale. Have to be aligned on that scale on step to left one if not certain. 

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