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  1. How much sass is too much? Where do you stand on bratting?

    I prefer bratting in its milder forms - clever sass, silliness, teasing or "acting up" just to get spanked. Bratting, to me, is all in good fun. It is part of my spankoness, but easily controlled and not something I share with every spanking partner.

    There is a noticeable difference between bratting and real attitude (for me). Bratting is intentional / purposeful - I am trying to get spanked. Yes, I could just ask, but where is the fun in that? 

    Some Tops don't like bratting at all; other Tops like it in small doses. There are certainly Tops who really enjoy it.

    What about EEs? Even brats have different levels of tolerance for other bratty behavior. I have a hard time playing with other brats or littles-who-brat in chat for extended silliness. That isn't really my style of bratty behavior, but it can be fun in short bursts.


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    2. Gator


      I'm not a big fan of it. I prefer direct communication "I want/need a spanking." However, I did have a notable experience once of being bratted during a munch. The brat in question would not calm down until I took her outside and gave her a few quick spanks. My wife was at this event too. Its in the category of "spanko experiences I have had that sound like fiction but aren't" :D

    3. FtWorthOTK55


      It use to be something I enjoyed at parties.  More of a flirtatious act as long as the line is drawn in the right place.  One of the rules of spanking parties is, "Bratting a Top is consent to be spanked."  But doing or saying the same things over and over does not continue to be funny and to continue doing it is no longer flirtatious.  

    4. alyssandra


      I agree, as an EE, over the top bratting can become annoying.  I prefer to just be myself!

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