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  1. @BratToaster- uh oh... we posted at the same time!
  2. What are your deal-breakers when it comes to meeting other spankos?

    Do you have a "type" that you prefer in a partner? 

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    2. rubyredd


      @Drooaygah- that is a big red flag. Why rush? It is so much better to get to know each other. Learning about each other is the first step. 

      For me... a Domhole will always get a pass. Any Top that thinks I should yes'r and no sir him right away or bow down and submit... has obviously lost his mind. I am not a sub. I am not obedient. 

      I do prefer to be physically attracted to my partner - which doesn't mean I am looking for an Adonis, but since health and fitness goals are important to me within the realm of discipline, it makes sense to find a partner who also values those things. 

      I have talked to a few Tops / ERs who seem to be looking for any bottom to spank - it doesn't matter if they aren't attracted to the bottom (physically, mentally, or emotionally). Thoughts?

      Agree with those who mentioned respecting limits - definitely a deal-breaker. 

      @SETN- same for me. I enjoy chatting with and learning about other spankos. 

      @BratToaster- I used to think I wanted a full-time DD relationship, but I don't know if that is really feasible. Maybe I enjoy the fun of spanking too much.

      *Spank me later for any typos. 🙄

    3. Jaded


      I need to get to know someone well enough to know I’m comfortable with them, and they’re comfortable with me.  Red flags include, begging to meet soon, not wanting to answer my questions (I think a spanker deserves to know limits/a little about their past experiences/anything that could affect their mental state during a spanking, just 1 example: pts).  There’s just so much to learn about each other to make sure it’s a good safe experience, but some want to skip that part.  I prefer ages 30 and up.  I appreciate someone mature, who takes this seriously.  

    4. Gator


      anyone who is *not* willing to meet over coffee sooner rather than later.

      anyone who I dislike.

      anyone with poor hygiene.

      aside from that I'm pretty easy going. I prefer to give light to moderate spankings but can dish out the punishment for those who need it. I'm experienced and busy, so I simply don't have the time nor inclination for a long drawn out months and months of online discourse. at the end of the day someone's bare bottom is getting spanked, and if a "like you as a friend" level of chemistry is lacking its not going to work, so why waste time with chit chat? there's plenty of time for that before, during, and after sessions :D

      also, I truly dont understand how you can spank someone without liking them as a person, but to each their own

      interesting thread!


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