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  1. Yes, sometimes I am way more sensitive during my period than the rest of the month. It doesn't happen every month (but most) and it is only for a couple of days during my cycle, but it is noticeably more painful.
  2. It was. It was thrilling. Looking back, it wasn't much in terms of intensity or even duration. But, it was everything.
  3. 1. Female 2. Around age 5 is about as far back as I can remember thinking about it. It wasn't anything concrete or developed (that came later - around age 8 or so). 3. No one definite springs to mind from that early time period... more like a faceless entity without a specific role. A little later, I imagined school scenes after watching a show with a boarding school and uniforms. By 12/13 years old, I almost always imagined a boyfriend, male friend, or spouse. By 13, I got my first swats and my first OTK spanking by 14. Embarrassment was not necessarily the primary feature in my fa
  4. My partner spanking me is the emotional safety - whether it is for fun or for discipline, spanking (with a regular partner) makes me feel safe and cared for and loved. I am not a fan of aftercare - in terms of rubbing and lotion - but...aftercare, for me, is a return to normalcy. No resentment, no anger, no negativity. It is just the total act of being friends and partners. I love that. It is a bit different, of course, with a new partner - especially the first few times. Total trust isn't there and there are so many unknowns. It has been so long since I have been spanked by a new partner
  5. Just a scolding yesterday - so discipline-related. I don't usually get that emotional, but this one was a bit... strident. I definitely need the spankings, too.
  6. Well, personally, I could happily read that a thousand times. A Top who sees value in a good scolding? Iterate and reiterate that fact as much as you want!
  7. Many years ago I asked my vanilla boyfriend to spank me - or implied it, really. He was happy to do it. I don't think he continued on with spanking after we broke up. Same with boyfriend #2. I have talked to him in recent months and he loved spanking me. But, he never tried it with anyone else. I do not think either man is really a spanko - even though both enjoyed it. I tried dating other vanillas between then (high school) and getting married, but it just didn't work. I think that if someone is willing to try it and enjoys it, then that is awesome! I don't think the issue should be for
  8. Fill-on crying seems to elude me, but it is something I want very much. It doesn't seem to be about pain or intensity, for me, so it isn't about being spanked longer and harder to achieve tears. If I did get to the point of tears (or sobbing, as in a recent spanking from my Top), I would expect my partner to continue spanking me.
  9. Does anyone else find FetLife hard to navigate? Or, just too broad / wide-reaching? While I appreciate all the different kinks, and I even enjoy exploring some of them, I am mainly just a spanko and sometimes I just want to stay in the spanko realm.
  10. I love that feeling. For me, it is usually a mixture of dread and anxious excitement. I hope you have a wonderful experience and that you enjoy the anticipation!
  11. I don't even know... I have apparently been too good this week. 🙄
  12. Interesting question. Do you think the tendency to switch is more common in female Tops /Dommes? I am a bottom, but I am wondering if I could or would switch with a female partner - when I would not with a man.
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