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  1. I have been paddled on video once, but the quality was pretty poor - dark and not a great angle. I will say... what struck me is that I whined a lot. LOL
  2. One of the scenes from Happy Valley made me physically ill. I didn't go looking for any others. I am trying to think of dramas in particular, but most of the scenes I have watched and enjoyed are in comedies or light-hearted movies and shows. Blue Hawaii has one of my all-time favorite scenes. There are so many great spankings out there. The scene in the limo in Weeds was fun to watch, too.
  3. I hope you are safe and sound!

    1. goodboy_will


      Thanks Sis........ I'm doing well , thanks. We had some wind and rain, but nothing severe.  Prayers are out to those families devastated by this massive killer wedge shape tornado to the north of me. It appears that the preliminary assessment is that it tracked from the LA/MS state line to the MS/AL state line before lifting up when it got into AL. That would be over a 175 mile track and preliminary reports are that it was at least 1 mile wide if not wider, but the JAN NWS will survey to determine the distance, strength, and width of the tornado. Anyway, it has effected a lot of people's lives, done massive destruction, and the preliminary death rate as of now is 27.

  4. I stopped dating vanillas in my early 20s. I knew it would never be fulfilling for either of us. Spanking is central to my sexuality. I have little interest in vanilla sex and that wouldn't have been fair to a potential partner. Some spankos can be okay with that, but I knew I could not. I am married to a spanko Top and we are compatible in all ways (not just the spanking). I met with a lot of spankos in my 20s - and am still friends with a few - but only found the deeper connection with one and we have been together for 15 years. So, my answer would be, should I ever be in a position to date again... no, I wouldn't pursue a romantic, sexual, casual dating, or serious relationship with a vanilla.
  5. I am right there with you. I am much more into funishment and just hard spanking now. I hope you can find someone who reads and understands what you are looking for.
  6. I can only go off my own experiences as a spankee and say that it never mattered whether the Top had a lot of experience or none at all. There was certainly nothing dangerous in the inexperienced meet-ups, but sometimes experienced Tops can be Domholes and think they know exactly what you need.
  7. Same here. I like our lexan a paddle a lot. A LOT. But it is far less painful than the wooden paddles in our collection. Bonus... less bruising.
  8. I am not a self-spanker, but have you tried a wooden hairbrush-style paddle? Way more effective than a plastic brush. Or, as suggested... a wooden bathbrush. You can get a really good one for less than $10 on Amazon.
  9. Do you have anything below "Achievements" that looks like this?
  10. You are quite the wordsmith, Good Sir.
  11. I'm sorry you're going through this. No advice, but I hope things improve. It really may just be that he is struggling on a personal level.
  12. I haven't posted a status update in a while. So, I wanted to share an example of the type of conversation I do not want to have here. When women on this site talk about the predatory creepiness we experience, it would be nice if our fellow spankos would listen (or read). I don't have any desire to talk about abusing kiddies or anything of similar ilk. 

    Spanking is my sexuality. Non-consensual spanking is abuse - and akin to rape. Would you still be okay with these topics if you replaced "spanking" with "blowjob" or "sex"? Would it still be okay to discuss non-con and kids? I certainly hope not. 

    Yes, this guy is probably full of shit - but he put his peccadillos out there.


    1. Child of Light

      Child of Light

      This was reported and addressed. My response to this can be found in this post. PM's like posted are not allowed on our site. 

    2. rubyredd


      @Child of Light- and I appreciate you doing so. But I do think other members are confused about the type of things we are talking about when we complain about people discussing kids. This is just one example, but similar topics are a daily part of chat. I can't speak for what others get in PM, but I know a few regulars have received similar messages from other chatters. They probably didn't realize the report user function didn't work, though. I just recommend they send you a screenshot. 

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