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  1. Tops & Bottoms: When you are preparing to meet a new spanking friend, what do you worry about? 

    My greatest spankee fear is that the Top will think I am not fun to spank. I always want it to be fulfilling and enjoyable for both of us. Even for discipline, I want the Top to enjoy the experience. 

    After that, I obsess a bit about panty selection. LOL


    1. SETN


      As in the story about “Goldilocks”… a good spanker should always strive to get it “just right” for the spankee - especially a new spankee. Finding that “just right” spanking level takes some thought and concentration. Good listening skills and good communication are the key! 

      my worry- not being “just right”…. It should be enjoyable and satisfying- too light of a spanking is almost as bad as one that is too severe.

    2. Lotsapappa


      Still learning the ER role, I can’t image a female EE was not a great experience to spank. As long as she wants it to happen. Can only speak for myself here and would still consider myself novice (nominated though rear of year award). And in the event it wasn’t, I would be more along the lines of let’s try again. Kidding I wasn’t nominated. 

    3. DaChief


      My biggest fear on a first meeting is if she's too shy to use her safe word if needed. I've been yelled at by a spankee a few times over the years for stopping the spanking to "check in" on her. Over time, I can gauge these women and their responses pretty accurately, but on a first or second play date, not so much. 

  2. Yes, spanking can be all things within a single relationship. I have a former partner who I am very similarly aligned to in all aspects of spanking. If we were married or dating, we would likely have a DD arrangement that included erotic, fun & funishment, roleplaying, bondage, etc. I am married to a Top and we have all those components except for DD / real discipline.
  3. Not weird at all. I have been getting spanked for almost 30 years, but full roleplay scenes make up only a small number of my spankings. I never really think of roleplaying as a path toward real discipline (for me) - it is oriented in fun / funishment / erotic. And, as wanttospank explained, it makes a wonderful lead-in or reason for a spanking. Bratting is a form of roleplay for me. I also enjoy full scenes with costumes and the appropriate setting. One of the most detailed RPs was a school paddling scene with a spanko friend... complete with math workbook, chalkboard, student's desk, a
  4. Shot putters. Just speaking from experience. LOL
  5. My husband is a spanko Top. I can ask directly, but I still enjoy instigating. To another point you made about severity... my husband is a sexual sadist and we tend to play quite hard and for long periods. I am a spanko and I always want to be spanked... even after a severe spanking or caning. If we do dozens of paddle swats or a hundred cane strokes... I want more. It is probably different for vanilla-converts if your desire to spank is not inherent. I think about spanking all day, quite literally. I have never had a fantasy that did not include spanking. I don't enjoy vanilla sex
  6. I enjoy roleplay and costumes, but it makes up only a small portion of my spanking activity.
  7. Bathbrush. This one. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZT8YC3F/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_8VJ7NNTQCFP6X77N18X5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I am the same way, but I have learned to mostly control the impulse (only took 30 years of being spanked LOL). You need to practice that control... otherwise, you might get some SportsCuffs (padded cuffs) to try.
  9. You are likely right about it being extreme bratting. It isn't the overt kind that can be fun (or annoying if taken too far)... this is the real kind that is rooted in obstinance. Not that I know what that is like.
  10. @Chawsee- I am so sorry you experienced this level of kink-shaming. That had to be hurtful and frustrating. @Topspanker- wow and yikes... but at lesdt you found the bright side and a way through it. I grew up in a small town, which like Chawsee indicated can create its own issues with gossip. Yes, I got teased - but very few people truly shamed me for it; though some of the teasing was malicious. I tend to think spankos are best suited to our own kind, but I dated vanillas up until age 24 or 25. I introduced my spanko kink with the first few dates. Because spanking is a need
  11. Find effective alternative punishments or supplemental punishments. Keep the spanking brief and make the other punishments unpleasant. Just an EE suggestion. 😊
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