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About Me

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am only here to chat. So if your ultimate aim is to meet someone from here, I am not the right person. I will NOT talk about children.

I am Bernadette, a semi-retired working professional. I am not a born spanko as I understand many of you might be. I was introduced to the world of DD and spankings during my late 20s. My first marriage didn't work out for various reasons and I made up my mind that I wouldn't involve in anymore vanilla relationships. Now, almost 20 yrs down the line, I am finally in a relationship with my husband which involves DD and spanking. 

I am not here to debate or convince anyone my lifestyle is superior to yours. If at any point of time, you feel that I am "too strict" , you can always politely let me know and we will move on peacefully. As you know, there is no one scale to measure DD. What works for my husband and I might seem "too much" for you, and not enough for someone else.

I am happy to chat with like-minded folks provided you are respectful.


Hope you are all staying safe. 



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