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  1. It seems like it would be pretty painful as the vagina is an such a sensitive/erogenous area. I'd say I'm a lot more interested in spanking a woman's butt or upper thighs but would be open to trying it if she felt it was needed.
  2. The movie A Dangerous Method about psychologists Carl Jung and Sabina Spielrein has two M/F spanking scenes. One is with the hand and the other with a belt.
  3. The most blatant one I can think of, from a Xiu Xiu song.
  4. Usually a light roast, made really strong and drank black. I like plain espresso a lot too.
  5. Favorite positions are leaning over the edge of a bed, or on the bed on top of pillows, and OTK. Favorite implements are belts/straps, paddle, brush and switch.
  6. This one seems relevant to this forum in a sense:
  7. Either/or. It seems like it should depend on the situation.
  8. Skirts and dresses are nice since they can be pulled up for a spanking without requiring actual undressing, and they can fit with a certain kind of look/scenario. And those "drop seat" type pajamas with the opening in the back can look cute or fitting for a certain types of scenarios. The sort of "trap door" is handy as far as punishments are concerned. And not really a costume, but cute panties or lingerie go well with a spanking, and make the whole thing seem inviting. Like her backside is a nice little present wrapped up, and you both feel that anticipating kind of feeling as each layer is
  9. I always thought one of those police utility belts (with the attachments removed of course) would be really severe. In my last relationship, we didn't delve into anything this harsh and just stuck to normal belts and hairbrushes and so forth with her. If she was really bad and knew she deserved more she would get the bath brush or a get it from a switch I'd have her cut from the yard.
  10. A little warm water before dishing out a little discipline with the bath brush is nice. And a woman's backside looks nice when it's been smacked rosy red and has that wet sheen.
  11. hartwelt


    The bruising with the reds and purples are so pretty. I love when girls are so naughty that the punishment needs to continue down the upper thighs.
  12. I feel like there's two separate appeals for me in being a top/disciplinarian type role. The first is in the case of real discipline for actual reasons/infractions, with the enforcement of these agreed upon by her as being for her own benefit. I would say, for a disciplinarian type, this is enjoyed on a psychological level, or you could say it's a sort of satisfaction that comes being helpful towards someone and being unafraid to give them what they need even if it's considered taboo or unusual by the average person. Doing a proper job of this—done to her specifications that you agreed to stri
  13. I love the bruising. Your backside looks pretty in pink. If you acted out badly enough, I guess sometimes the punishment can't be contained to the bottom and you need to work your way downwards a bit.
  14. I'm answering the question from the perspective of a male spanker who has had some experience IRL with this stuff, with female spankees/girlfriends. I also learned about different implements online in videos or websites and such. Some I was not familiar with at first due to my country of origin. I feel like I see there being a place for all the main implements but my favorites are: Belt/strap- Probably my favorite. The whoosh and crack sound are just so satisfying. These work very well for thoroughly tanning a hide, leaving pretty welts. And there's something especially personal about a b
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