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  1. Hi Anna Are you interested in connecting with a newbie? I'm not a spanker but need a loving non bruising descreet bare bottom spanking to feel balanced. I'm 45 in a committed relationship which is why it must be descreet I don't want to loose this relationship. and have just started self spanking to try and level myself out my attitude, and stress please respond if your looking for a bottom to turn pink/red with your hand or paddle. I also am looking for cornor time and mentorship in life's daily stress I'm also from central valley.
  2. I am new 45 in a very committed relationship,in need of a gentle hand to bare bottom spank me. I need to feel balanced as I was as a child. My current man isn't into it and I would need discret as I don't want to lose this relationship. No bruising no sex just a spanking otk with hand or paddle. In central valley area. I have never done this and a bit scared but know I need this ice been a self spanker for awhile but feel I need the correction of cornor time and correction outside of myself
  3. I would love to chat I'm really new to this but find a here and now overwhelming need for a job absive no marks left spanking to re center myself. I have been self spanking with a brush but that does not give me the hard humiliation of bare bottom over the knee totally exposed panties down. I need a gentle partner as I've never done this before I am 45 and live in central valley ca
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