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  1. I always try to not cry, but scolding gets me into the headspace to start feeling those emotions. It would be especially hard to hold back the tears with this kind of questioning!
  2. Just curious, do you ever struggle with yourself to turn electronics off, or do you have good self-discipline? And how do you and your mentor keep track of violations? I’m pretty honest with my long-distance mentor, but sometimes it’s awfully tempting to stay quiet if I disobey a bedtime rule...
  3. My worst one was my first spanking ever. But it’s also the one that changed some of my bad behaviors.
  4. I live with a man who complains about my lack of self discipline all the time, but he does not do anything to help me change it. My disciplinarian will probably get on me for it, but he’s not actually here to address my behavior when I’m slacking off.
  5. To me personally, a spanking is more effective when I’m being scolded during it. He reminds me why he is spanking me and what needs to change.
  6. Sorry sent to soon ... Was Trying to say “How to Become Self Disciplined”
  7. Does anyone have tips as to how to stop procrastinating and get what needs to be done DONE? I am the QUEEN of finding anything else (more fun) to do when it comes to domestic responsibilities! This morning I even announced to my family that I was going to “get a ton done around the house today” .....here it is 3 hours later and I’ve done a puzzle, looked through some old pictures and now I’m playing on my phone...UGH!!!
  8. The communication helps me too, but he’s often busy ... I’ll have to find something to release those brain chemicals! Thank you!
  9. I live with my husband and three kids who do not know this part of me. Even if we’re all in the same room, I often feel very alone...
  10. Anyone else tend to exhibit bad behaviors (mouthy, impatient, rude) when stressed and feeling out of control? Last night I was upset and irritated and was slamming doors, which led to me breaking a kitchen cupboard. I’m looking for ideas as to how I can curb this behavior or redirect my thoughts. My disciplinarian scolded me through email today, which made me feel guilty and got me back on track pretty fast. But it’s so short-lived and we don’t live close enough for him to be able to “straighten me out” all the time. Meanwhile, I’m getting into more trouble and digging a deeper hole. And no, I do not WANT to disappoint my disciplinarian, but when I’m not standing right in front of him, I am impulsive, clearly stupid and way bolder than my typically submissive self would be. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  11. I guess that didn’t even occur to me to think of them that way. It would be much easier to accept/bring up those ideas if I don’t think of them as another punishment. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
  12. I think your ideas would really work for me. He did give me an earlier bedtime a couple of times. I didn’t like it, but looking back, it definitely put me back into a submissive mindset! I don’t know why I struggle with bringing up those additional punishment ideas even though I’d probably benefit from them.
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