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  1. For me, always bare. For me for some reason there almost doesnt seem to be much point in doing it fully clothed. It hurts less and is less embarrassing which make it far less appealing.
  2. I tell everyone about it pretty early on. Usually around 3rd date or thereabouts. Dont want to waste too much time with someone who isnt willing.
  3. Same here. It only stopped when i moved out.
  4. Part of me can see why she didnt stop it. When its your normal its hard to see how odd it actually is. I was spanked way past what most people did (but nowhere near 41, hell im only 21 now) but I didnt question it or try to stop it because for me - it was normal.
  5. If the partner doesn’t approve I’d say it’s wrong. If they don’t want you to do it and won’t satisfy you themselves you’re probably with the wrong person.
  6. Yes and yes both growing up and as an adult.
  7. Having them pulled down for me definitely.
  8. I was 19. I’m not going to say what for but it was deserved.
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