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  1. Has anyone watched a movie like McClintock and used this as a way to talk to your partner about spanking?
  2. So cute...... I would love see my lady in this!
  3. Long version - May your days be filled with peace, joy and love!
  4. 1. Does a consensual - non consensual spanking make sense? Yes. a wrestling match where she is not trying too hard can be fun. And by serious, I am thinking of a spanking where she is sore and smiling after. 2. no 3. no 4. yes 5. yes
  5. My advice is to be kind to yourself. Give yourself time to figure you out. Every person is complicated and this includes you.
  6. I had a woman Ghost me 3 years ago. She contacted me this spring to tell me she wanted to try being a nun. She went to a monastery in Alaska. She had no on-line access and no cell phone. She's back but she decided our age different was too great. So we will just be dancing together.
  7. Not a deal breaker. I can understand her needing some privacy for some things.
  8. When she is silent, I sometimes want her to count the last few so I can hear the tone of her voice to make certain she is all right. I may or may not tell her how many more are coming.
  9. dmirk, I'm right there with you. I'm 65 and 27 years of working at controlling my libido has met with success. I am not drawn to sex anymore. The desire to spank is still there, though.
  10. I think there is a chemical explanation for Top Space. oxytocin would explain the feeling of connection I have with my EE. What do you all think?
  11. Would Carly Simon using it for stage fright be stress relief
  12. I would like to add my thoughts to this. I was also raised to be a gentleman. Other than a smack on the bottom, i have never even wanted to hit a girl or woman, in any way. I have always felt that a smack on her bottom was totally different than beating her up. As far as it being perverted or wrong for a woman to want this...absolutely not! Wanting the soreness is not that different form the soreness of a weightlifter or runner. They hurt after their workout and they love it!
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