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  1. Obviously, there would be lots of chats between my mentor, me, and anyone interested, and video chatting at the very least. We would never just let someone willy nilly into our home. I assumed that was obvious lol. It would be months of deliberation and talking and really all of us getting a feel for eachother before they were allowed to stay.
  2. Hello! I am 20 years old (female), and I currently live with my mentor, who is 65. We have rules and things that I have to obey such as good grades, respect, etc. and if I fail to do so he spanks me. It has honestly been an awesome experience having someone help me through all my problems through life and someone to discipline me if I need it. The only thing is I have been a little lonely living with just an adult man and I kind of want another girly in the house, as we have a spare bedroom. So if any of you are female and college age (18-21ish) and want a mentor to help you through coll
  3. Hi! My name is Lauryn and I am a 20 year old college student who is still spanked. Growing up I was raised by my older brother who was a believer in the effectiveness in spankings, which he was right about because they definitely kept me in shape! He spanked me up until I was 17/18 years old so by the time I was an adult in college, I really missed being held accountable by him. I was surrounded by partiers and people drinking excessively which even got me in trouble with the school a few times, as I am not of legal age to drink. I was honestly a mess. My grades sucked, my attitude towards sch
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