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  1. Really enjoying your story and artwork
  2. Glad I’m an er rather than an eye 😂 I’d be the one operating the machine
  3. Possibly the tester will be ‘tender’ after the demonstration 😂
  4. Wondered why I hadn’t heard from my friends up that part of the world, they’re probably practicing snorkelling 😂
  5. If/when you build it we need photos (or a demonstration 😂)
  6. Depends how far North you moved, the north east coast is fairly settled (until I start my rain dance)
  7. On a serious note are you investigating spanking machines because they intrigue you or to keep the control in your own hands? to me part of the dynamic of spanking is the reaction between both parties which can’t be mimicked even via a video conference directed approach
  8. I am so dreadfully sorry my part of the uk is currently dry, I’ll do a rain dance before retiring tonight so as not to upset you 😂😂😂
  9. Ps not raining here now, although yesterday was iffy 😜
  10. I suppose it comes down to what you want out of a spanking? if you simply wanted the sting of a spanking given dispassionately then it would work for you. For me it is all about the dynamic between er and EE and a machine can’t give you that
  11. Yes a few from the UK, me included. always open for a chat
  12. I lost my spanking play partner (female) just before lockdown over a year since due to her moving. Very bad timing when I was (am) looking for a nice lady to spank when there is a pandemic going around. Hopefully once we are back to ‘normal’ I can start looking in earnest... life is a bitch sometimes 😜
  13. There are Slippers and then there are SLIPPERS. Do not confuse a soft thick foamed sole of a carpet slipper with that of a half inch sole of solid rubber of a plimsoll. My spank partner often used to get it on our play days and in terms of feeling it she put in order of stinging to tickling the slipper first, then cane, then hairbrush, spoon, hand. When she was to get over my lap knowing the slipper was to be her fate she always was nervous. A solid plimsoll type slipper landing on a bared bottom from shoulder height is not an easy option... As for being ‘dirty’, use a new one s
  14. Firstly Happy Christmas Day (well it is over here in the UK). You are bound to be uncertain and scared. It is good that you are wary. It is a wonderful experience to get your first spanking but first and foremost stay safe. Get to know someone first, chat for a while, speak on the phone, or FaceTime each other. You are after all putting yourself in a vulnerable situation and need to be 100% certain you are comfortable with your spanking partner. You may well be better talking to some of the more experienced women on here who will also offer guidance. hopefully the anxiety of a first encou
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