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  1. Very nice story. Jay was fully justified in punishing you for your rudeness to his (and your) friends. To be frank I think you if you’re as honest as I suspect you are you will realise you got off lightly for spoiling two days of his holiday. Regardless, I hope his 6month secondment doesn’t cause you too many issues and that you are able to either use coping mechanisms for your issues or find an alternative solution to your discipline.
  2. Is this affecting log in’s i can log in via my iPad without issue but when trying on my windows desktop it refuses to accept the username/password combination?
  3. It’s a difficult decision and one that ultimately you have to decide. If it’s Ok with him then it then becomes a logistics exercise to get him to trust that what you’re explaining to him is ultimately not going to interfere in your marriage. That is a slow process and one that you may want to introduce him via a zoom chat or in person to a like minded person to try and explain the difference between a spanking as part of foreplay and that of punishment in a non sexual manner. you are effectively asking him to be ok with another man (assuming you wish to be spanked by a man) hurting his wife. Any man worth his salt would have him having very mixed feelings about this. conversely if he’s not ok with you seeking relief elsewhere and is uncomfortable with it then do you wish to damage your marriage? I’m willing to chat privately if you have any further questions.
  4. Welcome Jonathan also from UK. Just drop me a private message if you want to chat
  5. Welcome to the site. Also from the UK. Always up for a chat when available.
  6. Personally I’m not in favour, I remember your original postings and think this is going a little too far for your own personal choices. And that is at the crux of the matter, you are allowing your friend to spank you to provide you with direction and punish failings you admit to yourself. This new direction seems like bullying. Regardless of the situation you are spanked for it is still by consensual agreement. If this is something you’d be uncomfortable with then simply say no.
  7. North East England spanker. always looking to chat or long term find a female spank partner…
  8. Totally agree, just be honest. I suppose that is asking too much. I’ve been victim to getting deeply drawn into a friendship with a ‘lady’ on the web who turned out to be a man I suspect. It is not a nice feeling at all, firstly you’re embarrassed that you didn’t see through the scam, but also you’re saddened that you’d invested so much time into something you felt could lead to an actual meet. Trust is everything to me and once broken leaves a deep scar that impacts on your future dialogue with potential genuine friendships.
  9. I frequent a site in the UK where I met my last play partner. She showed me some of the messages sent to her on her profile which basically gave the impression that all female spankees were prostitutes, all pieces of meat for dominant men to use at their discretion…. And the photos were something else instead. I’m genuine, believe women are to be treated with respect. Yet I can understand why many women are very wary of men of my age. I would never harm any woman (well spank their bottom, but never harm them 😂) it’s just the blatant lies that get me.. I can understand people exaggerating and playing out their fantasies in messages, but not all out blatant lies that a 2year old could see through…. anyway thanks for the comments, I suppose it’s each to their own….
  10. Amen to that @DaChief perhaps the fact I seriously can’t see the logic in it is testament to the fact I’d never be that type of person. Whilst I like your definition of their types I personally simply just think ‘saddo’ 😟
  11. I’m not talking about role play or similar but rather someone who joins a site (not this one) calling ‘herself’ a particular name, changes that name within minutes, after sending friend requests and then starts chatting to you and showing you photos of ‘herself’ which are obviously of a TV personality. Then when you say weren’t you called @@@@@@ five minutes ago defriends and blocks you. I’m not stupid and know cat fishing occurs regularly within our hobby but I genuinely would be interested to understand what these ‘females’ get out of making fake profiles with the sole purpose of pretending to be someone they obviously aren’t. What do they get out of it?
  12. Not only spanking relationships are driven by trust, so are real life issues. It seems from what you say you can’t trust her (even if she is 100pc telling the truth). Tbh in answer to the original question, no it’s not worth it, to have mental health issues simply in order to get a sore bottom every now and again.
  13. I suspect a few on here had an alternate purpose for it 😂 my own favourite is a stout ‘slipper’ with a heavy solid rubber sole, but must admit I’m partial to the feeling of skin to skin of hand to bottom, and repeat until arm tired…
  14. I find FetLife to be a little too hardcore for me, unfriendly, and more difficult to filter out real and genuine people.
  15. I was the opposite in that dad was rarely around due to work until the weekends and my mother was the sole disciplinarian. There was never anything abusive about it, merely a parent and a young lad both knowing their roles in the disciplinary scene that was occurring. It was in one way clinical, in another way nurturing. Despite being ‘hard wired’ spanking gene I never sought to do anything other than avoid spankings like the plague as a youngster. It was only in adult life I fantasised about spanking or being spanked. Sadly apart from a couple of half hearted experiences with girlfriends that didn’t last and one memorable and recent three year platonic spank partner relationship with a young lady, life has been very frustrating 😔
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