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  1. I was the opposite in that dad was rarely around due to work until the weekends and my mother was the sole disciplinarian. There was never anything abusive about it, merely a parent and a young lad both knowing their roles in the disciplinary scene that was occurring. It was in one way clinical, in another way nurturing. Despite being ‘hard wired’ spanking gene I never sought to do anything other than avoid spankings like the plague as a youngster. It was only in adult life I fantasised about spanking or being spanked. Sadly apart from a couple of half hearted experiences with girlfriends
  2. Thanks @Chawsee, at the heart of my psyche I’m an ER and love the feelings engendered in turning a willing female EE over my lap but there is a part of me (a small part) that would like to experience that motherly discipline again. I try hard to ‘reject’ these feelings as fundamentally I like to be in control of my destiny, and the thought of surrendering it, albeit briefly, to someone else is scary. Perhaps I’ve never met the correct person?
  3. This post comes as a coincidental moment in that I’ve just been admitting that when I was a child all my spanking were at the hands (and slipper) of my mother rather than dad. That said I have always considered myself an ER pure and simple and would love to find a lady EE to indulge a mutual experience again. This post is making me review my deeply ingrained beliefs; would I actually (if you’ll excuse the pun) switch to being a switch and submit willingly recreate those motherly feelings of so many years ago?
  4. Morning @sillygirl i suppose it depends on what implements you are going to use, my suggestion would be to take it slow, and observe common sense. If it was a wooden instrument such as a hairbrush/clothes brush then to keep to the crown of the buttocks and make sure she is accurate and avoid anything higher up such as the base of the spine. Leather instruments such as a strap when delivered otk the same caveats although it is less likely to cause long lasting damage. American paddles, I will leave to people the other side of the pond to suggest (I’m from the uk). Canes should be used spar
  5. That does seem pretty hot - if you want to chat send me a message - although not in Cheshire it is not a million miles away 🙂
  6. Really enjoying your story and artwork
  7. Glad I’m an er rather than an eye 😂 I’d be the one operating the machine
  8. Possibly the tester will be ‘tender’ after the demonstration 😂
  9. Wondered why I hadn’t heard from my friends up that part of the world, they’re probably practicing snorkelling 😂
  10. If/when you build it we need photos (or a demonstration 😂)
  11. Depends how far North you moved, the north east coast is fairly settled (until I start my rain dance)
  12. On a serious note are you investigating spanking machines because they intrigue you or to keep the control in your own hands? to me part of the dynamic of spanking is the reaction between both parties which can’t be mimicked even via a video conference directed approach
  13. I am so dreadfully sorry my part of the uk is currently dry, I’ll do a rain dance before retiring tonight so as not to upset you 😂😂😂
  14. Ps not raining here now, although yesterday was iffy 😜
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