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  1. I have lurked on this site for approx six months trying to pluck up courage to register. Fear of being 'outed', ridiculed or plain 'rejected' was at the back of my mind. Eventually I 'took the plunge' and registered. Since joining just over a week ago I have met some lovely people, chatted to some privately, cyber spanked a couple and found nothing but encouragement and friendly people who are the same as me and don't 'judge' me for my likes and dislikes. Although I prefer the 'real thing' to have a young lady over my lap I'm guessing that isn't going to be possible until this pesky virus is behind us - perhaps someone should give it a stern scolding and a good spanking 🙂 In the meanwhile I'd welcome chats with anyone - I find the chat function a bit like 'wading through cold treacle' so perhaps a private message first and we can chat privately externally if necessary. Please don't think I'm rude if I dont respond when you pop up on my private chat - it may be I'm chatting to someone else and being a mere male I'm not good at multi tasking 🙂 Just leave me a message and I'll try and respond. Thanks everyone...
  2. I have a similar fantasy (from a spanker perspective) to spank one girl whilst her sister observed knowing that her time over the lap is imminent whilst seeing the obvious distress her sister if suffering and what she is about to suffer also...
  3. Hi Karen, like yourself I lost my partner this year when she moved. Finding another is hard at the best of times but during a pandemic is nigh on impossible. Being in London I hope you will be able to find someone soon. I wish you luck. Non spankos can simply not know the longing we experience to find that ‘one’
  4. Thanks to those who have viewed my profile or welcomed me to this site. Always up for a chat about TTWD, to any gender, any (legal) age.

  5. Good luck Naomi. I hope it goes well for you. It will be painful especially if there is no ‘warm up’ first. We all look forward to hearing of your experiences. The worrying always seems to be paramount but once the spanking starts you will be concentrating on that instead, then very soon it will be over and an ‘experience’ to look back on in the future.
  6. Thanks both for the welcome. Looking to eventually find friends to chat about TTWD in a non judgemental medium without being thought a weirdo.
  7. Hi all, have been lurking for a few weeks but I’ve a lifelong enjoyment of spanking, if sadly only two spanking buddies over the long life, the most recent ended in January when she moved in with her boyfriend. looking to make friends primarily just to chat about TTWD as due to this lockdown the practical application of hand to female bottom isn’t possible sadly...
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