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  1. Guilt first. Second, a bath brush or the paddle Spanknutt made for me. That thing leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Thighs are so painful. Just my butt, if I could choose.
  3. Longer for disciplinary spankings (1 hour or more) and currently shorter for erotic/non-disciplinary spankings. I think that balance could be improved.
  4. Actually, the paddle you made me is gorgeous. And wonderful/terrible all at once. One of a kind. Many, many thanks.
  5. A friend recently made me a paddle which has proved to be very effective. I have a bunch of implements from other places, but nothing like this. Etsy does have a pretty good selection.
  6. No blood. No face-slapping. No hitting on hands or feet. Embarrassment is fine but no degradation. No calling me a slut, whore, bitch, slave, etc. At the root of a relationship, spanking or otherwise, basic respect. I do have a safeword but have never used it.
  7. My ER does, leading to much embarrassment and me wanting to struggle or complain about it. I can usually resist that urge, but not always.
  8. Having a man pull down my panties during a spanking is one of those moments that seems simultaneously thrilling and terribly embarrassing - in a way that suspends time briefly. It doesn't really seem like a real spanking until I am bare-bottomed, but oh, that tension, and struggling to not resist the process.
  9. So far, a wooden bath brush. I have a friend who recently made me a paddle that should be arriving tomorrow, so my answer may change. Thank you, my friend (I think).
  10. Oldest child. Only spanked once growing up. My little sister was never spanked, though she was the more 'challenging' child.
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