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  1. Sitting on something spiky is pretty effective (even on its own for some), whether an acupressure mat, a coir welcome mat, a mat made with bottlecaps, or similar.
  2. OTK whenever possible. Makes me feel safe, cared for.
  3. I am not a fan. If an errant strike hits lower on my thigh, it is likely to take me right out of the mindspace I am in and make me almost frantic. This is true even in a disciplinary spanking. Thighs are just not within limits for me (beyond the very tops).
  4. I thrive on a certain amount of routine. With clear expectations from my partner.
  5. It is totally involuntary for me whether it happens or not. So I agree that there is a distinction between the arousal that happens naturally vs. active attempts by my partner (or me) to stimulate it further. Since I mostly receive disciplinary spankings, if conscious arousal happens, it is before or after.
  6. I have had maybe three severe spankings ever, none approaching 'medical care required,' but certainly I was sore for a few weeks. I will not allow any skin breaking/blood but have had extensive bruising. I bruise less now. I'd probably say a severe spanking goes quite a bit into the territory of "I really need this to end" (still consentually, of course). If a safe-word fails in a severe spanking for some reason, I'd say there is a decent chance of going too far. In a hard spanking, I don't think that is necessarily the case for me. I get a hard spanking probably once a month. I can feel those for a day or two afterwards. I would not classify either kind as "fun."
  7. My tolerance waxes and wanes in an unpredictable way. Perhaps it is hormonal. I have never paid close attention to the pattern. In general, my pain tolerance is pretty high. Sometimes endorphins on top of that can make things more dangerous. I have yet to experience true sub-space, though, where I feel floaty.
  8. This absolutely works for me. If I can let go of everything else, at the other end of an intense spanking I feel cleansed, reset. My partner is skilled at getting me to that place. I do sometimes have sub-drop, which can forestall that contentedness and sense of peace, but it usually comes eventually.
  9. I could never do this without a relationship that transcended a 'service.' I have to feel connected to someone, to be able to speak with them about just about anything and share important or stressful life things. I don't consider a spanking relationship to be something that is one sided at all. It is mutually beneficial, mutually rewarding, a give and take. I am not just a "receiver." If I ever felt that way, I would end the relationship. I could therefore never visit a "professional." But everyone is different.
  10. I have used this generator before. I think the main modulator of any of it is the swat ratio you assign each implement you choose to enter. You and your husband should review the parameters together based on your implements and your dynamic. There is a severity input, too. For discipline, we use moderately hard to very hard. Additional punishments we have used include corner time, extra bedtime spanking and ginger figging. Edit to add that your tolerance will have a huge impact on whether even the "very hard" setting for a spanking will be enough for a real lesson. When my tolerance was high, a spanking determined by my partner was much more effective than the swats generated by this algorithm. Again, I am not sure what your current spankings are like. You could run the program a few times to test it and compare.
  11. Like Rubyredd, I have an acupressure mat from Amazon. It has sharpened spikes on plastic disks sewn onto a padded fabric mat. Rather intense.
  12. I often sit gingerly (or choose not to sit at all) for a few days after a disciplinary spanking. I never use a pillow. I suppose the lingering effects are a good reminder.
  13. I am not advocating it here necessarily, but if I recall, Fetlife makes you take pictures in their system with certain information (b'day?) held up in your hands. I think there were 2 or 3 pictures, and the poses seemed a little weird. They compare them to your profile and pictures you have posted. That might be pretty hard on this site.
  14. I sleep so well after a bedtime spanking, which is a huge change from my baseline insomnia.
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