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  1. There are two issues, I believe: 1) greater acceptance of spanking as a normal sexual variant; and 2) whether, regardless of 1, more people will engage in spanking activities over time. I suspect there are actually quite a number of people who are closeted, though. I was for decades. Perhaps #1 WILL influence #2 in time. I agree with Bramblewine, though, that it will always be a minority of the population.
  2. Not sure if I could ever submit to an audience, no matter if they were spankos or not. As pure fantasy, it is interesting to think about though.
  3. Pretty sure that is just sexual arousal, not subspace.
  4. Practically exactly the same one I have, but mine includes a twine wrapping around the handle. Wicked thing.
  5. The bath brush. Especially on a wet bottom. A close second is a large paddle a friend custom made for me. Even the sight of its bright blue color makes my heart race.
  6. Petechiae. I get them quite a bit. Not any more harmful than a bruise, unless you have a clotting/bleeding disorder/severe anemia (in which case bruising would also not be a great idea).
  7. I have never experienced a slower pace beyond short breaks between rounds. One swat a second has been about the standard. It can become overwhelming quickly and leave me breathless. There is mostly just time to regret whatever got me there. I am not sure what a slower pace would feel like, but I do know that I prefer a rhythm and not lots of *changes* in tempo. I do like rubbing if it does not interrupt rhythm too much.
  8. Being punished for something out of one's control seems needlessly harsh. Sexual excitement is largely an involuntary process. I can no more control it than I can affect the weather. If my ER punished me for it, resentment would result and trust in his authority would erode.
  9. I think about it CONSTANTLY but sometimes cannot take another quickly. I usually need 2-3 days to heal. That's not to say I don't *want* another pretty shortly after one ends. Health and safety are important to me, though.
  10. Quite a number of times. It does leave long-lasting soreness unless it is short. I have a blue paddle a friend made for me that I love, but hate.
  11. "I have never changed any type of fee, I did at one point ask that the ee cover hotel/motel rooms as I feel that my time and transportation is involved. It takes time, education, and integrity to be a good Er. I feel that with the right Er, the ee is getting a real bargain compared to psychotherapy and other means of resolving underlying issues." I am wondering whether you feel this is purely a 'service' you provide or whether you get something out of the spankings you give as well? I guess I feel like both involved parties find satisfaction in some way, even in a disciplinary
  12. Bucket list. Never been spanked in a vehicle. One with a sunroof would be particularly interesting. Spicy thought.
  13. Nothing other than cornertime in sometimes uncomfortable positions.
  14. Thinking more about the meaning of disrespect in my relationship in relation to bratting... I can be sassy at times, brat in a playful way. I don't do it to earn funishment spankings, just for fun. I like the humor, banter, intellectual word play, and so does he. He would call it crossing into disrespect if he told me 'enough' or said it was time to be serious and I kept going anyway. I suppose that *would* be a way to earn a spanking, but his spankings are serious (if I disrespect), and in any case, really displeasing him would make me feel very unhappy.
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