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  1. I use "Yes, Sir" and "No, Sir" as a sign of respect. It seems only right to me, and they are required as well. I choose to thank afterwards because I am grateful that my ER cares enough to spank for my benefit.
  2. Thanks for the input. It is definitely not anxiety. Spankings relieve anxiety for me, not heighten it. I may have some apprehension *before* the spanking, but never after. As I am now more experienced than I was when I originally wrote the post, I think I have figured out that the shakes are a simple physiologic response to withdrawal of high levels of adrenaline. They only happen to me after a very intense spanking and up to a few hours (2-3) after it occurs. Beyond that time frame, I sometimes get symptoms of sub-drop, but no more shaking.
  3. Not for me, no. No spanking anywhere except my bottom and the top of my thigh backs.
  4. Hairbrush would be iffy, at best, in that location. Much too heavy an implement for that area. I'd say light and stingy vs. thuddy.
  5. This part is critical for me to be able to let go of guilt and feel at peace. A silent or nearly silent disciplinary spanking would be wholly ineffective for me, even if the discussion happened beforehand.
  6. While I agree that spanking can be useful if it helps someone stick to healthy habits (including diet and exercise), I sometimes require the opposite. Someone to enforce reasonableness in my workout intensity and/or time. I tend to push myself way too hard sometimes. When I know that has consequences, it helps me moderate my perfectionism.
  7. The use of anything moisturizing on your bottom eliminates the small cushion of air between your bottom and an implement that would be present if your bottom was drier. This is why spanking a lotioned, oiled or wet bottom hurts more.
  8. I prefer a faster pace as well. It keeps me from daydreaming. I am generally heavily defended, so if surrender is the goal, the spanking needs to move at a quick pace without things like counting and longer pauses. The exception is cornertime in the middle somewhere. That tends to somehow increase intensity when I come back out of the corner.
  9. I have several wood paddles, made by an awesome friend (and sometimes 2), that are formidable and VERY effective. They are heavy, thick oak, and a swat covers both cheeks. A few smacks with either is quite intense. I love them for their beauty and creativity and because friends made them for me, but there is lots of pure pain in those. I also have 2 thinner lexan paddles (decorated beautifully by another dear friend). Those are much less intense and I can take many more swats with them. The sting is, of course, greater than with the wooden paddles. That pain does not linger for days. One of the lexan paddles is roughly shaped like a ping-pong paddle. It has my face on one side and my bottom on the other. Genius. I think any paddle (wood or lexan, or even leather provided it is intense enough) that can be administered OTK would be my favorite kind of paddle. I greatly prefer the closeness of that position and the natural humility it induces.
  10. 40 weeks is considered the target for delivery, even though 37 weeks is technically full-term.
  11. Was just trying to be helpful. Just a member of this site.
  12. Check out the Local Groups and the Directory. Bigger cities will have local groups and often get-togethers like munches to meet people. How far are you from a bigger city? Chatting with people on here might find you some friends who are closer, too. Take your time finding the right person and be safe about it. This is a great site, with lots of kind people who understand.
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