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  1. Tony - thanks for the suggestions. I think the difficulty that I/we have with some of these techniques is that I am pretty clear about not having physical contact or intimacy. He's tried 1 (which is okay with me), we don't do OTK, 3 and 6 feel intimate or sexual in some way (I am sure they are not in most cases but it feels that way to me) - I don't think I would be comfortable. But I think we will try 7. I dare not suggest 4 to him, but I am sure it would be effective! One thing he has suggested if using something he calls bondage tape to keep my legs together when in the face-down on th
  2. So - an update. He told me last night that the implement he ordered has arrived and I am getting the walloping of my life tomorrow (not the other 4 weren't bad). And yehp, he's got a frickin shambok, I haven't seen it yet. MrBottoms - I checked out that Tear Jerker (luckily we couldn't get it quickly here in the UK) but it looks pretty similar to shambok from what I've read. Have any of you ever had one used on you? What should I be expecting as someone who has previously only been strapped, had the bath brush and a small hairbrush? I assume it is going to be a fair bit worse? Mr Bottoms
  3. Thanks Dmirk! Fortunately for me, it was always going to be option 1 - that's probably one of the advantages of doing this with someone who knows you well and who you have an enduring friendship (or relationship) with. So we had the phone conversation last night. I confessed everything about my lying and deliberately misleading him last week. I also volunteered that I deserved whatever he saw fit and accepted that my punishment should much worse than any of the 4 spankings I've had so far. He definitely agrees (but most of all wants to help me - I am lucky, I know). He's decided that (a)
  4. Thanks all for your thoughts, perspectives, and advice- it is all helpful and much appreciated. Torc87 - what you said really resonated with me: I was the one that wanted (and need) this arrangement, the rules and the consequences and that's because I want to improve, I want to cut out certain behaviours and habits; he's been good enough to give that to me in a friendship based on trust and so far it has really helped me. Given that I want and need that accountability, and it is working, lying is totally counterproductive - you are right. I know that I need to be better at facing the consequen
  5. Hi guys - am faced with a difficult decision and need some advice from you experienced EEs and ERs! I've got myself into a bit of a mess ... Last week and at my last session with my disciplinarian (who is a friend for those of you who haven't read my back story) I was pretty dishonest. I kind of told him that it had been a really good week - he dealt with a pretty minor issue and actually we ended up using time we'd thought would be for a session to chat about other things. But what I didn't tell him was that I had ripped up my handwritten note I have to keep of anything I do that breaks
  6. Thank you Ex. I appreciate you reading it. I am definitely very lucky that it's gone well and that I have been able to turn to someone I trust to do this. The preparation and constant dialogue has been key - advice i got from members helped a lot with that process.
  7. Those of you who have read my blog posts will have seen that I am spanked wearing spandex shorts. The idea came from the guy who disciplines me because he knew that modesty/privacy was important to me. I can honestly that the spankings are still very effective (and bring lots of tears). We have gone with spandex shorts (on my blog I have given the link to the ones i wear) for a few reasons: (1) they are super tight and thin (like any swimwear) so they don't get in the way or give any cushioning or much protection, (2) they give me some privacy because my butt isn't on display and they are some
  8. Thanks for the advice Tony. We have tried (3) and (7) and I am working on (4). I am going to try (8). I feel like (9) feels a bit sexual. On (11), I am a bit reluctant as it starts to feel like bondage. Is there any kind of restraint that you'd recommend for the legs/hips/waist? How would that work if I am lying on the couch, or even bending over the arm of the couch? I don't think he's restrained any of the people he's spanked in the past but he probably would be okay with it. Is using restraints common? It might just be me not being good at taking my punishment!
  9. In answer to your questions Tony - - my behaviour has improved a fair bit, but there is still lots that I need to work on. And there is something that's happened that was more serious (which is why I asked the question about last resort implements). I haven't added any rules as I included all the important stuff from the start. - yes, I feel that corporal punishment is very effective for me. I hate getting it but it's helping me to improve and makes me feel accountable and that I have some boundaries. I already feel like a better person in terms of my habits. - he is using the s
  10. Sorry - one more from me. Me and the guy who disciplines me have implements that he's used for my punishments so far - a strap, plastic bath brush and hairbrush. But a few things have happened in and around our sessions (mainly in relation to lying and dishonesty) that mean that he would like us to have implement of last resort - one that we both hope will never be used but will be there as a serious deterrent, and one that I would know would be really bad ever I ever got even a couple of strokes with it. Do any of you experienced EEs and ERs have suggestions? Some of you who've rea
  11. I am having issues with kicking and squirming when I am getting punished, especially when lying on the couch to be strapped. Does anyone (with experience) on either side have advice on how to stop that. Anything that works well? Naomi
  12. Hi guys - I have finally written up my experience of my first session. It's in the blogs. Naomi
  13. I pressed the door release button and had about 90 seconds to my thoughts while he walked upstairs. And, I'll be honest, one of those thoughts was: what have I done! Then came the knock at the door. I slowly went to let J in. We had our usual quick embrace but it obviously felt different. He nicely asked me how I was feeling, to which I replied "really nervous" - he responded that that was normal. We walked through to the open plan bit of my apartment. The three implements sat on the table, I noticed he glanced at them but didn't say anything at this point. I o
  14. Just to say that I have posted the first part of a blog about my experience so far. I guess most of you will be most interested in part 2. I will post that as soon as I can.
  15. MY FIRST TIME - PART 1 of 2 So this the first part of my account of my first experience of spanking and discipline, which happened last Sunday. Some of you have kindly asked how I’m going – it went well, if that’s right word for what was still a really painful, chastening, and cathartic experience. I’ll get to that part in part 2 because I don’t have time to finish this today I’ll tell the story of how I got there – some of this might be familiar to those of you who’ve read my posts and also given me some really helpful advice on this journey. I’ve long known that I need
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