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  1. Most of the time if I'm allowed any kind of spanking over my panties, it's a hand spanking for a warm up, but eventually they have to come down. My husband has been spanking me for 14 years and I can count on one hand how many times I've been spanked for an entire spanking over any clothing. We both find it unsafe. I'm not a spanker but I'd also very much prefer, if I was a spanker, to be able to see what I was doing on bare skin.
  2. if that's your preferred way, go for it! I just wanted to throw a second option out there in terms of how things may work out unfavorably when things like plateaus hit or when your body just doesn't respond the way it did the weeks prior to the same activities and diet. I hope the best for you and keep us updated on your progress and how any spanking goes for you!!😉
  3. Well unless you're prone to habitual lying and think that you'd willingly lie and say you worked out or ate like you said you would, and you just didn't... then I don't think that's a big issue. Plus you'll often hit plateaus while trying to lose weight and if you go 2-3 weeks without losing any weight at all, even though you're doing the work to lose it, you'd be okay with being punished? Personally, I wouldn't.
  4. Instead of "being spanked for weight loss" maybe it would be better to make the decision to use this method in terms of "being spanked for not meeting my exercise goal for the week" or "being spanked for going outside my diet/over my calorie intake senselessly". Weight loss, for some people (I'm not sure about for you particularly, but in general terms) even when they do stick to the right exercise regimen and diet can still be terribly hard in terms of the number on the scale. You don't want to punish yourself for gaining a pound or two after you've honestly done all you can during the week, as far as exercise and diet, and didn't actually lose any weight. There are so many factors to consider with a weight loss plan. Personally I've decided to try losing weight by way of eating smaller portions, walking on the treadmill, drinking less soda and increasing my water intake. My husband, knowing how I respond so positively to accountability by way of spanking, offered to spank me for the reasons I gave above, and not for "not losing x number of pounds per week". I told him I thought that if it came to it and I really didn't do well on my own with this plan, then I would consider taking him up on his offer, but for now was going to try to do it on my own. I wish you luck and hope you find a good balance to achieve your goal
  5. there's a section beneath Recent Profile Visitors (or beneath Profile Information if they have their viewers disabled) that says "Activity" with a little down arrow beside it. touch that and it'll give you the option to see their About Me if they have anything written in it. if they don't it doesn't show up as an option. that's also where you can see which Clubs they're in. if you want to edit your own About Me section on mobile, go to your profile (menu button on top right of the screen, the three lines, then "Account", then "Profile". there will be a small pencil ✏️ button near the top that you can select and from there it brings up your Edit Profile page where you can go to the bottom and add your own About Me information. hope this helps! 😊
  6. bringing this back for new members!!
  7. Hello, looking around for my Princess


    1. blushytushy


      👸 here she is :) 

  8. Well young lady, just where have you been...?!!!!!

  9. I did! 3x over. I haven't been sitting easily but it's that good soreness that keeps a smile on my face
  10. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. also, throw me in the "Supernatural" universe with any of their characters, Sam, Dean and John Winchester, and I'd gladly go over all their laps, too.
  11. I'd think this is a trial and error type of deal, except hopefully without too much error! This might be TMI but clamps would be a horrible experience for me (not just because ow, they hurt but because of how 'not well' my nipples took to life after nursing children) so we've ruled out the use of them in play or punishment because of that. It really comes down to the individual wearing them. I'd suggest maybe being able to see them clearly the first time, so you can safely, visually, judge when might be the right time to remove them. Also have your EE be extremely honest about anything that might feel "wrong" and ask them to please not try to "tough it out" because they want to make you proud or something like that. I hope you both find that you enjoy (or maybe don't enjoy but can tolerate??) your new toys!
  12. My mother got into the habit of "lecturing" me when I'd done something wrong while growing up, so now, I have a very hard time listening to someone "scold" me if it takes too long. I knew this going into my relationship now and I was honest about it with my husband/spanker. He figured out what I was talking about on an hour long drive home when he tried "lecturing" me the whole way only to find out I'd basically stopped listening, only catching things here and there, and couldn't tell him what he'd just got done talking to me about, and I hadn't done it on purpose. Now, when I'm about to be spanked, I'm asked instead, what did you do to deserve this spanking? It keeps me active in my punishment and is also clarifying for him to know that I understand why I'm about to be spanked. For stress relief spankings, he talks to me calmly and quietly during some of it, but not so much that I lose track of the main point of what he's telling me, and I get to use that time to reflect inwardly on things I need to think about and things I need to release on my own. And for "funishment", roleplay or erotic spankings, the "scolding" I get has very select, key phrases and words that aren't used for any of the other kinds of spankings I get. Usually in the way of "naughty girl" or "good girl" (depending on the scene), "bottom" (as opposed to butt, or ass, while spanked otherwise) and other more playful words instead of ones that cause a disappointed feeling or a true "scolded" feeling with them. And of course, tone and inflection are highly important as well!
  13. Jeez I'm a doof, I copied and pasted part of your post so I didn't have to scroll back up the whole time and completely skipped a section and left yours there! Sorry about that!! I answered the clothing part under implements, so lemme try that part again lol. Implements - I've only experiences a few implements myself; hair brush, belt and a wooden back scratcher are the three implements we use in my home, and all work very well. I hear great things about paddles, inasmuch as you can say great things about a paddle lol. Wooden spoons are also quite effective. Any of these I think would do the job to get the point across. You should experiment and find out which ones work best for you though.
  14. Hi Naomi! I'm so bad at putting all the thoughts I'm having into words so I'm going to itemize kind of like you did I think. But first off, consider yourself lucky to find someone who cares about you enough and is willing to do this for you. It will certainly make your life better if you both stick to it and don't stray from this. If you truly feel he's trustworthy enough to stick to his end and you do the things you're expected to in order to better yourself and your life by accepting discipline into your life, then I think you'll find this can be very fulfilling. (1) Discipline between friends - The only experience I have with this is when my husband (who is disabled, and therefore sometimes unable to physically spank me) asked if I'd consider taking spankings from a friend of ours instead of him (though he was always there to supervise). It sounds like you have nothing but platonic feelings for this friend of yours and that's fine, because that's how I felt for our friend too (at first). Being spanked by him did put him in a new light to me in a way though. He went from being the friend that we'd hang out with sometimes to the friend that would for sure hold me accountable if I screwed up. I suddenly saw the more dominant side of him as opposed to just the happy go lucky guy that I'd always known. But to be able to accept discipline from him, I NEEDED to see that. I needed to feel like this wasn't just some guy that was beating my butt for being bad. It's very likely your friendship will change from having him do this for you, and you need to be prepared to tell him what you feel is changing and see how that effects the both of you, since he's also likely to see some changes in your friendship as well. Communication will be the most important part in all of this. (2) Clothing - So I am a pretty private person in relation to my body. For me this isn’t sexual in any way. The idea of being getting naked or even showing him my underwear isn’t something that I’d feel comfortable with and he’s aware of that. He raised the possibility of me wearing swimsuit to get punished. Anyone could see me at that at the pool and I guess I’d be okay with that. The other thing I’d thought of is spandex shorts. Are any of punished / do you punish with the person getting punished wearing either of those? Has it worked okay? And for those of you women who are spanked, how would you feel about having to change into a swimsuit (or similar) before a spanking? I can see that having to put something on to be punished may actually add the nervousness and anticipation beforehand. (3) Implement - You say you're not comfortable showing him your underwear, but you'd be okay with wearing a bathing suit in front of him? I realize the two, to you, may look very different, considering the different types of underwear out there, but essentially, they're the same thing. But lets just go with the fact that you'll have to go to him (or have him come to you) for a spanking to happen. This means you'll have time to prepare what you're wearing, or change into something, etc. Either full coverage panties (one's specifically bought for this reason??) or full coverage bathing suit bottoms would be fine. I think if I had a specific pair or type of underthing that I was required to wear to be spanked in, changing into them and knowing I was voluntarily getting myself ready to be spanked would definitely put me in the mindset to re-think all my misbehavior and misdeeds while I was both changing into them and waiting to be spanked in them. Plus, there is an embarrassment factor in thinking "I'm in these panties/bathing suit because I'm going to be getting a spanking" that will really make you hate having to put them on, which may be a deterrent in and of itself to doing things you shouldn't be doing. (4) Position - I agree with Megthe about the bent over a table, sofa, bed etc position. If you believe you may be one to try to "escape" your position, then I'd highly suggest going over the arm of a couch (padded by an extra pillow if needed) with your head on the seat cushion and your feet up off the floor, or barely touching it. The only thing you can do from there is roll sideways and your spanker could easily prevent that from happening with a hand to the small of your back. There's also laying flat, like on a bed or on the couch, but if you do choose this position, use pillows to prop your hips up and give your spanker a very distinct target of buttocks and the tops of your thighs only (if you choose to also allow spankings to that area, and even if you'd rather not, if impact to those spots does happen, it won't harm you like, say, if he swung too high and accidentally hit you in the kidney or something. Not saying he would try, just saying with a squirming spankee, anything is possible.) (5) Rules - Off the top of my head, the best way to keep up with exactly what your rules are and then keep track of when/if you break those rules is to write it all down. Get a notebook, write the rules, plainly stated, on the front page after you've decided together what they need to be. From there, use one page a week to keep track, yourself, of any rules you have broken. WRITE THEM IN PEN (as this will keep you from being able to back out of getting what you know is coming to you if it's written permanently and you can't change your mind and therefore "lie" (by omission) to your spanker about what rules you broke. Holding yourself accountable and "telling on yourself" will actually help a lot, because again, the embarrassment factor of watching your spanker's face turn more and more disappointed as they read over the list of broken rules for the week will be a HUGE deterrent for you to want to break those rules again, but to know that you were honest about it and that you're truly getting the spanking you deserve will help with not feeling guilty about anything after your spanking is over. Honestly, I can think of a few things the two of you may want to discuss as well, going into this together, but I think I've given you enough answers for now. If you'd like to chat though I'd love to talk more with you about this. I think it's great that you want to find a way to hold yourself accountable and find a way to handle and be better about your bad habits and behaviors. Good for you!!
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