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  1. Spanking and anal play generally go hand in hand for me.
  2. Most of the time if I'm allowed any kind of spanking over my panties, it's a hand spanking for a warm up, but eventually they have to come down. My husband has been spanking me for 14 years and I can count on one hand how many times I've been spanked for an entire spanking over any clothing. We both find it unsafe. I'm not a spanker but I'd also very much prefer, if I was a spanker, to be able to see what I was doing on bare skin.
  3. if that's your preferred way, go for it! I just wanted to throw a second option out there in terms of how things may work out unfavorably when things like plateaus hit or when your body just doesn't respond the way it did the weeks prior to the same activities and diet. I hope the best for you and keep us updated on your progress and how any spanking goes for you!!😉
  4. Well unless you're prone to habitual lying and think that you'd willingly lie and say you worked out or ate like you said you would, and you just didn't... then I don't think that's a big issue. Plus you'll often hit plateaus while trying to lose weight and if you go 2-3 weeks without losing any weight at all, even though you're doing the work to lose it, you'd be okay with being punished? Personally, I wouldn't.
  5. Instead of "being spanked for weight loss" maybe it would be better to make the decision to use this method in terms of "being spanked for not meeting my exercise goal for the week" or "being spanked for going outside my diet/over my calorie intake senselessly". Weight loss, for some people (I'm not sure about for you particularly, but in general terms) even when they do stick to the right exercise regimen and diet can still be terribly hard in terms of the number on the scale. You don't want to punish yourself for gaining a pound or two after you've honestly done all you can during the week,
  6. there's a section beneath Recent Profile Visitors (or beneath Profile Information if they have their viewers disabled) that says "Activity" with a little down arrow beside it. touch that and it'll give you the option to see their About Me if they have anything written in it. if they don't it doesn't show up as an option. that's also where you can see which Clubs they're in. if you want to edit your own About Me section on mobile, go to your profile (menu button on top right of the screen, the three lines, then "Account", then "Profile". there will be a small pencil ✏️ button near
  7. bringing this back for new members!!
  8. Hello, looking around for my Princess


    1. blushytushy


      👸 here she is :) 

  9. Well young lady, just where have you been...?!!!!!

  10. I did! 3x over. I haven't been sitting easily but it's that good soreness that keeps a smile on my face
  11. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan. also, throw me in the "Supernatural" universe with any of their characters, Sam, Dean and John Winchester, and I'd gladly go over all their laps, too.
  12. I'd think this is a trial and error type of deal, except hopefully without too much error! This might be TMI but clamps would be a horrible experience for me (not just because ow, they hurt but because of how 'not well' my nipples took to life after nursing children) so we've ruled out the use of them in play or punishment because of that. It really comes down to the individual wearing them. I'd suggest maybe being able to see them clearly the first time, so you can safely, visually, judge when might be the right time to remove them. Also have your EE be extremely honest about anything that mi
  13. My mother got into the habit of "lecturing" me when I'd done something wrong while growing up, so now, I have a very hard time listening to someone "scold" me if it takes too long. I knew this going into my relationship now and I was honest about it with my husband/spanker. He figured out what I was talking about on an hour long drive home when he tried "lecturing" me the whole way only to find out I'd basically stopped listening, only catching things here and there, and couldn't tell him what he'd just got done talking to me about, and I hadn't done it on purpose. Now, when I'm about to
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