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  1. I am hoping to meet someone to be disciplined in the very near future, and would absolutely want mouthsoaping to be a part of it. I do struggle with swearing, and the idea of being spanked first, then made to hold a bar of soap in my mouth, hands on head with a red bottom, then dragged back to the chair for another over the knee spanking sounds like something I need.
  2. Yes I think if crying came for me it would be the result if intense scolding before and during the spanking.
  3. Do you prefer to act submissive, repentant and nervous? Or stoic, defiant and argumentative? For me I would like to act extremely nervous standing in front of my spanker while being scolded, nervously playing with my fingers or shuffling my weight from foot to foot, begging and pleading not to be spanked. During the spanking- kicking feet, pleading for it to stop and promising to be good. How about you?
  4. Definitely at the top of my desired spanking experiences - a male and female, taking turns putting me over their knee and in the corner while the other watches and waits for their turn, with plenty of scolding from both,
  5. While I have yet to receive a real spanking but am hopeful I will in the near future, I think for me there are two parts: 1.) The feeling of being under someone’s authority and accepting whatever they decide in terms of my punishment (having my pants pulled down, how long they spank me for, how many minutes I stand in the corner etc) 2.) That the spanker is enjoying it from their perspective (they position me in the way THEY like, I’m wearing what they told me to wear because that is what THEY want to see, etc) So for me, part of what I imagine I will like about it is knowing th
  6. I would hope to have it in the middle before underwear is pulled down, then again at the end. Also there are so many different cornertime positions- hands on head, hands behind back, nose against the wall, kneeling, sitting on a stool, holding soap in your mouth to name a few.
  7. I’ve always imagined being spanked over underwear first, then put in the corner with the promise that in a few minutes I will be dragged back to the chair, stood in front of the spanker, my underwear is pulled down and I go back over the knee to be spanked on the bare bottom. The anticipation in the corner would make all the difference for me.
  8. I great to see many different perspectives on this topic. For me, I am 100% heterosexual but with spanking it’s very important that the spanker be significantly older than me. I feel this would really help me to feel as if I was truly under their authority during the punishment. So for me, gender doesn’t play into it but age definitely does.
  9. Being over one knee (spanker has their foot raised on a chair or small stool) is another way I’d want to be spanked.
  10. What are some specific things you like to have included in an over the knee spanking? (giving or receiving) Chair, bed, or tall stool for spanker? Over one knee? Hand(s) pinned at your lower back? For me an ideal over the knee spanking would include: -spanker sitting in a chair in the middle of the room -I’m placed so that my feet are off the floor -pants and underwear at ankles -wrist grabbed and held tightly if I reach back
  11. Hello, I am in CT and definitely interested in being punished for real life behaviors. Sent you a private message and hope to hear from you soon!
  12. 1.) To be punished by a disciplinarian older than me with spanking, stern lecturing, cornertime, mouthsoaping and line writing. 2.) To be punished by an older male and female couple who take turns spanking me and putting me in the corner
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