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  1. I prefer the breath-taking, gasping sting that produces surface heat and glow ... to the deeper and potentially bruising thud. So for me, I love to have some skin in the game with hand and leather implements like the belt and strap ... or if you want sting with some weight then the tawse/Scottish school belt will always have a place in my heart. Skinny, lighter implements also work like switches, crops or even the wooden spoon etc. I shy away from heavy wood like the hair-brush, paddle or the despicable bath-brush. But, if you really want to 'feel it', then that is about emotional connection and communication between top and bottom.
  2. I think this is a fascinating topic and agree that there is no typical. As a male -ee, that is perhaps already less β€˜common’. But in my vanilla life I am a reasonably strong personality, a decision maker and leader. Although in common with @kiko I also have a strong desire to people please. My kinky persona is entirely different though and as @Mulege77 noted I need to escape any leadership role and serve others, bend to their will. I willingly give up any power and actually crave being put in my proper place which is otk or perhaps in the corner in disgrace!
  3. indisgrace


  4. From the album: indisgrace

  5. Great video. But it lotto me like the lady brought πŸ‘ peaches, not avocados πŸ₯‘πŸ˜‰
  6. Thanks Ruby ... if a good consensual spanking didn't hurt it wouldn't be fun ... right? But then pain is still pain 😬!!!!
  7. Regular professional disciplinarian that I have been visiting for some two and a half years. It will be quite an ordeal in terms of otk spanking, the belt, the tawse, the gym plimsoll and who knows what else. I look forward to it with considerable trepidation. But yes it will be fun, and with a warm afterglow for 24 hours
  8. Thursday 30th September around 11am. I am impossibly excited as my last was nearly 3 months ago and I am trying to plan in as many details as I can. I can't wait ... only 3 more sleeps to go!
  9. I would love the emotional release of being spanked to tears. I have yet to manage it. It is about aligning the right headspace with trust and submission. Like aligning the sun, the moon and the stars for me
  10. The tawse or possibly the Martinet ... I love the feel of leather. The tawse can also be pretty heavy and the Martinet stings far and wide
  11. Hey there. No need for us to feel like weirdos or freaks. And certainly no need to feel alone! That is the benefit of this happy spankophile community! I think one needs to accept how we are and make peace with that. Easier to say than to do I know and I struggled with it for many years, particularly in the days pre-internet when I felt/worried I might be unique! However I think there are many here who crave to relive some of the more traumatic moments of our earlier years, me included. I heard someone once say that we are trying to re-own those experiences on our own terms and give them a happier ending. May be something in that, who knows ... but I do know that consensual spanking amongst adults can be a wonderful thing. Let's celebrate who we are!
  12. Hi @Adyguy6970. Welcome. I'm also a child of '63 and from the UK. Hope you enjoy the site and if you need any pointers or want a chat I'm happy too chat.
  13. My thoughts/experience are strongly aligned with @rude_rumps. I may well have been born this way and definitely fantasised about spanking and indeed played spanking games with other children before I was ever spanked. I was only spanked a handful of times growing up and never brutally. But they were bare bottom and they hurt and I HATED them. But I never stopped being fascinated by the whole experience and although my adult spankings have been different there are elements of my childhood that I have appropriated into an exaggerated age-play fantasy. It’s almost as if I have re-written the script for my own purposes and given it a much happier ending!
  14. All of the things that everybody has mentioned ... perhaps especially the baring of your bottom. But I love every part and they all go together to create a complete spanking ritual. Specific words can be important, If one part is missing or not quite as you'd hoped then it can seriously detract from the whole experience. So, communication is the key!
  15. Lovely bottom and fruity underwear sets the glow off nicely too btw. 😍
  16. I did a bit of self-spanking as a teen. But have always found it rather unsatisfactory given that I agree that we tend not to hit ourselves as hard as somebody else would do. A key part of the delight as a bottom is not being in control, not dictating the pace of strength of each blow, having someone else take you a little beyond what you might be able to deliver yourself. There is some of the physical pleasure with self-spanking, but none of the mental side. I can see that directed self spanking might help with some of this, but still think there is no substitute for having a top take care of everything, including and perhaps especially the scolding.
  17. Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy it here and find what you are looking for. See you around!
  18. Hi @Redburn... welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your time here and find what you are looking for. Let me know if I can help with anything. My top tip, if you haven't done so already, is to fill out the "About Me" section on your profile.
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