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  1. I'd say discus makes the best tops (all in the deltoids and chest) and cyclists make the best bottoms (buns of steel!).😆
  2. Hi Ash Welcome. Like you I'm a lifelong spanko male bottom, but from the UK. Hope you find your way round the site and make friends. Just message me if you want to chat. Best wishes
  3. Hello Viktoria and welcome. I am always happy to talk about old-fashioned discipline, from the receiving perspective. Feel free to message me or say Hi any time you see me in chat. I hope you enjoy the site. Best wishes
  4. This is quite an obsession I'm afraid! I crave spankings pretty much all the time and am either savouring the last one I had or fantasising about the next one. After I have had a sound spanking I'd say I am satisfied for maybe 4-6 hours. But, if my bottom could take it I reckon I'd want more than one a day ... every day!
  5. @ukspankoDepending on your location, in London, Mistress Iceni is an excellent maternal spanker. Up north you might look at Miss Sternmore (Lancs) or Miss Kay (Scotland)
  6. Fully understand the health concerns, but I love the idea of this as an ancillary punishment to spanking ... scores high on humiliation and loss of control
  7. You definitely shouldn't feel bad. You should feel proud. It is a magnificent work and will help many others, including me, that had a similar conflict of childhood experience/emotions related to spanking which made them both terrifying and thrilling, almost at the same time.
  8. I think this is a brave and truthful account of real-life experience 'warts and all' and should be applauded. It cannot have been easy to write. It glorifies nothing and I am sure was cathartic as well as helping others come to terms with their feelings. @rude_rumpsmust be supported and thanked, not criticised for telling it as it was for her
  9. I don't know the painting you have referenced, but it is a great cover for a fantastic piece of work. I look forward to seeing the whole masterpiece in one place. The highs and lows are intense. An emotional roller coaster. But the artwork throughout is brilliant. Congratulations RR.
  10. This /was perfect, I so need this!
  11. Welcome Vikki. Pandora as recommended by Dan is a good shout. Also try @restrainedelegance on Twitter and speak to his wife @arielanderssen .. long time model
  12. Thanks for sharing @jstorey36. We seem to share similar rites of passage to this lifelong fascination. I played house and school with other kids from as young as 4 or 5, except my games always seemed to involve strict parents/teachers and end up with me being punished. Whilst I never exactly 'enjoyed' the actual experience of corporal punishment at home and school growing up, I was always fascinated by the ritual and atmosphere that surrounded it. I remember poring over scenes in literature, including Jane Eyre, Nicholas Nickleby and indeed Billy Bunter. There were slipperings galore in the
  13. Hey there. Welcome aboard. Hope you have fun and find everything you are looking for. Happy to chat if you want to swap notes or just want someone to listen. But I'm not a top!
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