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  1. Thank CoL. I think you are right. As a male EE, this is one of the very few places I can express my true feelings
  2. Just wait til I get you home, you naughty boy!
  3. indisgrace

    PJ Corner.JPG

    Very cute and a beautiful colour on that bottom
  4. Intelligent and entertaining banter about spanking. What's not to like. I genuinely look forward to it every fortnight so tune in.
  5. indisgrace


    Hi Emily. Welcome aboard. I hope you find fun and friends here
  6. Naughty ones never do Julie … which is why it’s an appropriate punishment lil one
  7. Also worth a listen. Thanks for the link @shahin1200. I have listened to a few. I find Spankopodcast more fun however, but both have a place. The more spanking content the better
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