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  1. Before school was the worst. I had to go to school with red eyes and a sore butt 😭
  2. I had the belt on a wet butt many times. It stings like crazy 😭
  3. Lately I have been stressed out in general. I really think a good hard spanking would do me a world of good. Anyone else ever get a spanking to release stress? What would you recommend for me? I personally think a belt whipping would help!
  4. How many of you got a sore bottom over the weekend?
  5. Did you ever get spanked on a cold wet bottom after being in the snow? How did it feel?
  6. "I'm going to warm your bottom" "You're getting a whipping"
  7. Or perhaps dumber? I never recall kids burning buildings and looting in my day.
  8. Why is it that so many people look down on spanking today? I think most if not all of us grew up getting spanked. When I was a kid if you did wrong, you got your bottom spanked good and hard! No one I know from those days are emotionally scarred or traumatized. I also wonder how many parents today still spank their kids? I suspect a lot still do!
  9. That's awful! The only cheeks that should be hot and red are the ones you sit on!
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I often wish I could go back to those times I got away with things and get spanked for it.
  11. You have a cute little butt. Good for spanking
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