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  1. We skipped class in college an i spanked her while she made out with her friend that was also female. Ohhhh good times
  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate it 😊😊
  3. Hello sir! Shoot me a message
  4. Thank you sir! Shoot me a message!
  5. Thank you so much! I would love to chat as well!
  6. Thank you so much! I would love to chat as well!
  7. Hello! I am a 21 year old male spanko (switch) and I'm looking for people to chat with about spanking. Its been said many times, but its really lonely being the only spanko around here that I know of. I would love to chat with you all!
  8. I actually dropped out of community college in 2018, and it sort of had to do with spanking 😂 i was more focused on the social aspect of college (looking back, wrong choice and I regret it now of course) and would skip classes to hang with my friends. 2 of these friends were women, so a couple times we would go to one of their cars, and I would spank one of them while they were making out with eachother. Looking back, i wish i focused on my studies more. Maybe if I had been the one being spanked, i wouldn't have skipped? 🤔🤔 i am currently 21 and a male switch
  9. Hello! My name is Caden, i am 21 years old and have been interested in spanking for as long as I can remember! If you (male or female, i dont care either way!) Want to talk, just shoot me a message! Would love to interact with yall!
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