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  1. My most deserved spanking was when I was 16 years old. I came home drunk and smelling of cigarettes. My dad was waiting on me he told me to go to bed the next morning I woke hung over and came out to breakfast once I finished I was sent to my room my mom had taken my sister somewhere my dad told me to come to the living room he told me he was going to wear my butt out that I couldn’t be drinking and smoking he led me to the garage where there was a work bench cleaned off with a blanket on top it hand an edge I could hold on to he had to have give 75 or 100 licks I was begging him to stop and was cry uncontrollably I couldn’t sit right for 2 or 3 days I never came come home drunk lol
  2. How do they relieve stress ?? Are they given hard. To give a cathartic release. the way I understand it once the spanking starts you really can’t think about anything but that is that right.
  3. I know that I deserve a spanking I guess the only way it works is if u are honest with ur self and the er I also think a spanking will be a good reset I remember as teen my dad would spank me sometimes out the blue now I know why
  4. Thank u for the reply’s. I’m new to this never been spanked as an adult Well I was 18 the last time it was the worst I ever had from my dad I couldn’t sit for 2 days. And I cried to lol. I think that’s what helped that’s what I’m looking for the stress release maybe a reset so to speak
  5. Ok so I feel weird and maybe even embarrassed for asking some to spank my bare bottom with paddle or belt but I know it will do me good. Is this normal
  6. I have met him he is a nice guy I’m not sure how to set the boundaries. If it’s a punishment then there should be no safe word as I might be saying it 3 swats into it.
  7. A little back ground first I’m 42/m. I really think a good hard spanking will do me good I found some one he is older in his 60’s what I wanted. Anyways I’m curious what others have done do u make the number of seats or let the spankee. Do u just drop drawers and let them go to town or what. I had 2 requirements can’t be with the hand. Had use a belt paddle ect. Something about another mans hand on my butt I can’t get around. And I don’t want otk. This is my first time being spanked well I was as a kid thank u
  8. So people say u need a warm up spanking what are the benefits and why
  9. I am 42/m just joined the site. Looking for a spanker in New Orleans
  10. I’m having a hard time finding a spanker Craigslist has clampef down so you cant post anything about that. Is there a certain way to word an ad that will work any other ideas
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