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  1. So where in Texas are you? I am in Austin, looking for a female spanker. What are the chances?
  2. I have the same problem with my wife. She is just not into spanking me but will do it reluctantly occasionally. I have to go outside the marriage in the past and almost got caught once when i returned home with some bruises that I had to tap dance around to explain. I don't mind adding sex to the experience or especially to being spanked to orgasm but I don't need to have sex with my spanker [female only BTW] Am looking for safe and discreet female spanker to satisfy my needs.
  3. I am a senior MWM in Austin TX ISO old fashioned OTK bare bottom spankings from a mature female. Need absolute discretion.
  4. Where in Texas are you? I am a spankee also so not sure if knowing each other will satisfy our respective needs, unless we can find a mutual female spanker
  5. I had a pro spank me a couple of times several years ago - naked and OTK. She only used her hand but my penis was rubbing her bare legs so I did come during the spanking. Another woman would spank me and then I would sit in her lap while she gave me a great hand job. She jerked me off better than i do myself!
  6. I recall my first arousal of sorts around a non-spanking. My aunt called my mother where i was visiting, and i got a little mouthy about not knowing where mother was or when she would be home. My aunt said it was a good thing for me she was not there or I would "find myself across auntie's knee". I was both scared and excited. That has been one of my recurrent fantasies ever since that happened, and i was about 14 at the time. I have even fantasized about visiting my aunt later and asking her to spank me like she had threatened. I was never spanked by my mother OTK, although she occasion
  7. Several years ago i had a couple of visits with a pro who had me strip completely naked before she took me over her knee. It worked for me - I was able to come while she was paddling my bare ass. I believe she just used her hand - no paddle, strap, etc. Another spanker would allow me to strip before i went over her knee. After she finished I sat on her lap while she finished me off.
  8. I am in the same boat. Wife is not into spanking me very often, and when she does it is awkward because it is such a change of dynamics. Wish I could find a very discreet mature female who would occasionally paddle my bare ass over her knee.
  9. Also in Texas - Austin to be precise. Interested to know whether Mommy and little Sammy are a team and if so, how? I am interested in being spanked by a strong dominant woman. Would love to hear something from you.
  10. This is a long time from your post but i am in a similar situation. I want my wife to spank me but she is just not into it. When we do it is a little awkward because it is difficult to set the mood or to role play because we are always together.
  11. I am senior spankee in Austin TX seeking mature female to administer OTK bare bottom spanking. Am MWM so need absolute discretion and confidentiality. Anyone out there interested?
  12. I love the idea and experience of being naked and over the knee of a forceful woman. Especially enjoy the sensation rubbing on her bare leg while she paddles my bare ass. One of my favorite fantasies i have been able to fulfill only a few times but want more.
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