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  1. Good morning Sir How are you doing this morning...?? Can we talk for a few minutes ?? Always Jason
  2. Good morning ma'am/Sir I would very much like to talk to you and discuss my options if u are a firm handed Disciplinarian Because I feel that I am very much in need of a good old-fashioned discipline spanking I have been for quite some time . I think I need this sooner rather than later. Please feel free to call or text me so we can discuss Thank you and have a great day Jason You can reach me @ 706 980 7160
  3. I sent you a PM I am very much in need of A Good old fashioned discipline spanking I sent my phone number as well . . .Jason
  4. NewBrandon I know this person personally And if this is TRULY what u need , You'll find none better than him . Hcan be VERY much trusted &( TRUST ME) He WILL meet every need and expectation Jason
  5. I am VERY much need of a Maternal Disciplinarian for frequent (When Necessary).Discipline spanking(s) I definitely need a Serious attitude adjustment Please mssg me here Or txt me /Call me @ 470 526 7423 Jason
  6. Hey I'm Seeking a Female/Male Disciplinarian For Quite some time now Ive needed a " Good old fashioned (Discipline) spanking Please mssg me if u can help Call or text if u want -- 678 372 7964 Jason
  7. Good Morning , I'm J I need MAJOR assistance with behavioral modification & a big Attitude adjustment I desperately need A " Good Old Fashioned Discipline Spanking " Please message me if u can Help or txt/call me @ 678-372-7964 Thank you J
  8. Ncspanker5 Please feel free to contact me Anytime you may want too . I definitely need a " Good Old Fashioned " (Southern Style)Discipline spanking asap Jason
  9. Hello Ma'am/sir I'm VERY actively in search of a Female Disciplinarian I very much need assistance Im VERY MUCH in need of a good old fashioned discipline spanking that a mother figure /Parent would give I'M OPEN TO A MALE DISCIPLINARIAN ALSO Feel free to contact me ASAP @ 678 372 7964 I'm from Jackson Ga a little Below Atlanta but can Travel thank u Jason
  10. Hello Sir I very much need your assistance please Feel free to text/call me Anytime @ 678 372 77964Im VERY MUCH in need of a good old fashioned discipline spanking Jason
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