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  1. What would the queen of Spain get if she got married? A Spain king.

  2. Apple pie and honky tonkers..


  3. Vanilla ice cream and apple pie.

    1. michgal.k


      Oooo. Now I want. 😡

  4. Hello neighbor. I'm not exactly what you're looking for, but also from Massachusetts. Welcome to the site.
  5. We all know that it's called spanking. But what else could it be called? Sometimes I like to call it a whampin' or a fanny tannin'.
  6. The verdict is in! I had the talk with her today and showed her some of the reading materials. I also told her about this site amd that I had a membership on here. She's not sold on it, but does understand that this is how I am and there is nothing that can change that. The good news is, she's OK with me coming on here and exploring the topic and having a place where I can talk about spanking all I want, as long as I'm not actually doing it with anyone. It's not 100% my ideal situation, but it is a big weight lifted off my shoulders.
  7. Pammy is married to manny She knows the rules But sometimes finds herself Gettin' out of handy Manny suspected Pammy was up to no good So Pammy gave a confession But can a good ol' fasion baseball and apple pie tanned fanny Teach her a lesson? If Pammy been trampin' While campin' at the Hamptons Then Pammy gets a whampin' So Manny been tannin' Pammy's fanny With a whammy on the twin hammies Whompin' down on Pammy with his handy It goes a little somethin' like this.... Whompity whomp whambomp Whampity whampboom Now Pammy knows Not to disrespect Manny Unless she wants another Good ol' fashion baseball and apple pie Tanned fanny Just like mom and pop usta say Just like the good ol' days When life was all about Baseball and apple pie
  8. I'm a honky tonkin' cowboy! I'mma give ma lady a whampin' on the tanny fanny!



  9. I know you can block other users on chat. But is it possible to block someone from viewing my profile or sending a message to my inbox?
  10. Have you tried setting up a profile on Linkdin? If you haven't already, it may be a good way to network with others in your field and get a foot in with a potential employer. I have also found that having a portfolio to show helps. For example, I have applied to communications-related jobs for three years before I finally got hired. I set up my own website using WordPress and presented my skills to my employer. I got hired on my first try using that method. Best of luck!
  11. Since I joined this site about two weeks ago, I have received suggestions on what to do as a spanko in a vanilla relationship. This begs the question: Can vanillas be converted to this lifestyle (even partially)? Some have said that it's unlikely. Others have said that they, themselves, have converted wives and girlfriends over. What are your thoughts on this matter?
  12. As a spanko in a vanilla relationship, I'm well aware that there are many others on here in the same boat. So, I have created a group specifically for spankos who are in vanilla relationships/marriages to share ideas on how to convert vanillas over to the spanko lifestyles, as well as success stories. Join and spread the word to other spankos in vanilla relationships. The world becomes a better place every time a vanilla is successfully converted.
  13. I was recently on the verge of considering therapy to help minimize my interest in spanking. After speaking to a few people on here and serious consideration, I've decided to come clean to my gf for the second time. She needs to understand that someone who is wired this way is never going to change and depriving me of something that I've hardwired to my whole life is causing more harm than good. I have compiled some reading material for her to help make my case. I'd like to talk to people who are married or in relationships and were able to convince their vanilla partners. What did you do? How did you go about it? Do you have any other helpful sources and info you could add? Here is what I have so far: www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/standard-deviations/201605/no-you-cannot-eradicate-fetish%3famp www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/paede7/the-bottom-line-why-people-love-spanking-so-much https://www.cheatsheet.com/health-fitness/everyday-habits-that-improve-your-relationship.html/
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