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  1. Just curious in general. I am fairly close with all my family and I've been getting tired of the couple times I've met people who seemed interested ended up being only into sex and not mentioning it before hand or not taking punishments seriously. I have no interest in the sexual aspect of spanking so please lets not get incest comments.
  2. I don't have a relationship with a spanker or spankee atm. However I have been finding it harder to meet others since covid. Just curious seeing how's it impacting other spanking enthusiast.
  3. I've been talking with a few people around the site and I found some common elements that I believe need to be included for a spanking to matter, please share your thoughts if you agree and not , and if you have more. The elements I have found to be consistently necessary but can be implemented are: -Embarrassment (can come from just exposing your bottom, being spanked in front of someone or a harsh scolding) -Unwanted feeling/impending doom (sorry for the poor wording) ( pain, mouth soaping, kneeling for long duration. This is just something you obviously want to avoid) -Learne
  4. Edmonton AB, It definitely is tricky to find other locals I find
  5. Hello thanks for coming! I was curious to what others thoughts on why I wish to have a female spanker. For reference sake I will say I am bi, I also lean to therapy/discipline spankings. However, when thinking of being disciplined I would want the the spanker I want it to be a female. Curious if anyone has a idea or shares the same mindset and could shed some light!.Thanks, have a marvelous day!
  6. I am also for a switch if you are seeking a spanker as well! send me a message don't be a stranger
  7. Hello and Welcome, I am a switch spank enthusiast from Edmonton Canada. Drop me and message or email and let's chat

  8. Greetings. Pleasure to meet you, thank-you for viewing my post. I was seeking a long term disciplinarian with a non sexual aspect. If you fit the bill or can help me with the search it would be very appreciate. Thank-you have a marvelous day!
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