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  1. I've been talking with a few people around the site and I found some common elements that I believe need to be included for a spanking to matter, please share your thoughts if you agree and not , and if you have more. The elements I have found to be consistently necessary but can be implemented are: -Embarrassment (can come from just exposing your bottom, being spanked in front of someone or a harsh scolding) -Unwanted feeling/impending doom (sorry for the poor wording) ( pain, mouth soaping, kneeling for long duration. This is just something you obviously want to avoid) -Learned lesson/understanding (You must realize what the punishment is for and how to make it not happen again, you have to own your own failure (remorse)) -correct severity (the amount of punishment given needs to be adequate for the issue, if you get the same spanking for differing levels of mess-ups, it loses importance)
  2. Edmonton AB, It definitely is tricky to find other locals I find
  3. Hello thanks for coming! I was curious to what others thoughts on why I wish to have a female spanker. For reference sake I will say I am bi, I also lean to therapy/discipline spankings. However, when thinking of being disciplined I would want the the spanker I want it to be a female. Curious if anyone has a idea or shares the same mindset and could shed some light!.Thanks, have a marvelous day!
  4. I am also for a switch if you are seeking a spanker as well! send me a message don't be a stranger
  5. Hello and Welcome, I am a switch spank enthusiast from Edmonton Canada. Drop me and message or email and let's chat

  6. Greetings. Pleasure to meet you, thank-you for viewing my post. I was seeking a long term disciplinarian with a non sexual aspect. If you fit the bill or can help me with the search it would be very appreciate. Thank-you have a marvelous day!
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