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  1. SteveSpank


    I think it is … your going to get spanked when we get home.
  2. ER .. it is hard to maintain a schedule and routine, life gets in the way.
  3. If it is me receiving it CFNM, the humiliation is a factor … and I have to agree .. what ever she wants 😁
  4. So many amazing people, creativity, drive, adventures and experiences!
  5. Do it! I use to drive 60 each way to work … much rather drive 200 miles to get the spanking you really want.
  6. Sound like a great fantasy .. but not in real life!
  7. I do, just to watch a spanking .. a turn on. Real amateur spanking are the best to watch, far a few it seems.
  8. That’s it .. Ruby. The body goes limp, become calm, at peace .. into headspace. in discipline it is a fight and then reaching a point of realizing you need to give up. I have seen many reach a point of trembling, perspiring and then they reach same point .. relaxed, quiet, surrender to it all accepting the discipline fully.
  9. A long time ago when dating. It was far easier to talk to a woman about various sex act, than to bring up spanking her. It ended up we had sex and then felt you could expand those questions include spanking. I think this is why so many spankos end up married to vanillas.
  10. Switch .. ER more often, than EE
  11. Thank you all so much for sharing your life and experiences. I am so moved and enlightened.
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