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  1. SteveSpank


    What a great butt for spanking
  2. Give and Get BARE ... only playful taps on cloths
  3. As a EE , I follow instruction and do my best to stay in position. I don’t talk much or make many noises, I am concentrating on the pain as it flows through me and my breathing so I can take it all in. I guess I am a masochist in that the pain is what cleanse me, frees me and resets me. I don’t want to waste it.
  4. I was once being spanked bent over the back of a couch, so bent way over, legs spread wide because the back of the couch was low. She was spanking/whipping me with a thin leather strap. She was swinging hard full stokes and occasionally the strap would contact my testicles. It was excruciating .. like a bolt of lighting hitting you. It was terrible and amazing good at the same time! Never had it happen again ... I would like it to happen again. My wife like her pussy spanked during foreplay when we are using toys or vibrators. Mostly light stinging stokes mixed with a few direct slaps mixed for effect. As she is about to orgasm sometime a steady tapping spanking on her clit will really push her over the edge ... keeping the rhythm up as she orgasm and after 😈
  5. Very spankable bottom, thank you for sharing
  6. Chawsee, you make me want to be spanked by you more and more for the experience, the science, the education. You describe the experiences so emotionally yet scientifically with a romantic and realistic flavor. if you ever want to have a spanking seminar for spankees, please sign me up.
  7. I have much the same fantasy except my wife is watching and talking me through it while a professional female disciplinarian applies the spanking until I am limp and completely broken down physically and mentally ... and just a little more to make it even more memorable
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