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  1. The ER is dressed normally and The ee is naked. A point of a bit of additional humiliation and show of control.
  2. You are only too old if you think you are too old. Your body your decision. If you want to get spanked and you are an adult .. drop those pants and bend over 😈
  3. No, disagree. It is up to the couple and individuals to determine. I do think the world would be a calmer place if adults could spank one another, but that could be couples, friends, etc. and men to men, women to women, men to women and women to men. I believe a lot of people could really use a good spanking from a good friend to help them with guilt, stress, frustration, etc.
  4. I really prefer being bent over something as a ER or we. This way your bottom is presented correctly and you can concentrating on the spanking, rather than holding yourself up. Impliment I like to blend something thuddy and something stingy to work to see what really pushes the buttons. For instance a heavy paddle or strap and a cane or thin paddle.
  5. As a ER or an ee .. I don’t like it. It is over too quickly. No time to take it all in to experience the melding of emotions and pain.
  6. I wish she did ! But just not her thing, and that’s ok.
  7. Sounds exciting ! To me spanking is a physical act. Pick who you like to spank you. To me it is like picking a doctor, are you more comfortable with a person identifying as a man or a woman? It is your call, and frankly no one else’s right to tell you or judge.
  8. Oh My ! That is unbelievable.. the insurance company must have had enough claims to make this a concern. Very interesting 🤔
  9. I think if you are a spanko , you are a spanko … age does not matter.
  10. My favorite to use and receive is about 2” wide, pretty thick, very worn and soft. Folded over it has some weight, but contours well to the bottom. The pain level is really based on how hard and fast it is used. nothing like a long hard belt spanking .. the sight, sounds and sensations all make it a real experience.
  11. Agree !!! It is very difficult to find a spanking mentor, friend, disciplinarian.
  12. I have done this. It really changes the dynamic of the spanking .. not in a good way. Really made it punishment and lowered my ability(pain threshold) to take the spanking.
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