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  1. My last spanking was at 19 years old. I was doing some schoolwork,(I was in University), my mother was vacuuming and I yelled at her to stop . I told her to go away , that the noise was bothering me. The next thing I knew my pants and underwear were down and she laid a good hard strapping on my bare ass. When living at home, don’t be rude, and you were never too old to be strapped!
  2. I have only been caned once . NEVER EVER AGAIN! The welts, the pain, no thank you!
  3. The classic phrase for me was said by my mother as she looked piercingly at me---get up to my bedroom and take off your pants. I will be there in a minute! Shortly after I was getting a bare ass belting after she pulled my underpants down.
  4. Hello to you. Bare , hard, with a strap or belt is the only way. I am just about to go up to the bedroom and get my ass blistered by my wife and her brown leather strap, I can hardly wait. Good night all.................
  5. I went to a professional spanker years ago that I found on the web. I was for one reason only, to get a really hard bare ass strapping for something I did to a friend in high school. I had felt badly about it for years, so I felt that getting my ass blistered might relieve my sense of guilt somewhat. Before she started, I told her to please ignore my cries of pain if they get really animated. I told her that I wanted every inch of my ass purple and bruised. Believe me, she did a good job. I was crying like a baby when she finished, and my ass was a mess for almost three we
  6. I would love to be spanked with a prison strap. Stripped naked, strapped to the frame, then have my ass strapped glowing red. If anyone in Vancouver is out there and would like to do this for me, please answer! Thank you........
  7. I vividly remember my worst ever spanking. I was 15 and alone in the house. I was on my bed masturbating while smelling a pair of my older sisters dirty panties that I found in the laundry hamper. Unbeknownst to me, my mother had come home. I guess I was oblivious and never heard her come in. Well, she walked in on me and caught me . She wasn’t angry about me masturbating, but she was mortified that I was smelling my sisters dirty panties. She got the strap and strapped my ass harder than I have ever got it before. My ass was sore for several days after. A week later she strapped me again, jus
  8. Hi there: I am a long time spankee. I can’t seem to find someone who will spank me here in Vancouver. If you are out there, please respond. I like it naked, with the belt or the strap. Thank you..........a good Canadian bare ass awaits!!
  9. Yes I would be glad to help. Let me know........thanks. Jack.
  10. I am in Langley. Can we get together. Let me know. Thank you Jack.
  11. Hi, I am a 60 years old male who loves to be spanked. I am in Langley. Is there a possibility of us getting together so you can give my bare ass a good belting or strapping. No marks, but nice and red and hot. I have loved spanking since a teenager. i enjoy it best with a belt or strap. Thank you. Jack. If you are comfortable with it, perhaps we can exchange cell phone numbers.
  12. Yes, i prefer to be spanked by a female. My wife spanks me each and every day. However, once in a while I too require the type of spanking with a strap that my father gave me when growing up. I go to a male friend of mine who will strap my ass crimson about 3 or 4 times a year for that type of spanking. I am totally naked and it really hurts, which is the purpose. I have trouble sitting for at least three days.
  13. My most deserved spanking was when I was 16. I had my learners permit but not my real drivers license yet. My parents had gone for the weekend to a family wedding that I was not interested in, so I did not go. They drove to the wedding with my aunt and uncle so my father's nice big Buick was in the driveway. It was my understanding that they would be home on Monday evening. Well I was wrong, it was Monday around noon. So dummy here took 2 of my buddies around the area for a little ride. We were gone for maybe 45 minutes. Gee, guess who was home when we got back to the house.
  14. Yes female spankers sure do exist. My wife has been spanking me daily for well over 30 years. I get the belt and the strap regularly and love it ! I receive a minimum of two a day, sometimes three.
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