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  1. Hi rebecca I have just read parts 1 and 2 'back to back'.. oh my! Emma certainly landed herself in a bit of a situation didn't she.. well written and an enjoyable read... I'm guessing that the saga didn't end there.. and that perhaps the paddle had more exercise over the remainder of the weekend.. I guess she could feel that at least she was helping Jason and his mates spend less time in front of their gaming screens.. and I cant help but wonder if James ever got to find out what happened while he was away... Thank you for sharing it.. and looking forward to part 3...
  2. Oh to be Mr Grayson or Mr Lewis... another well written story... thank you for sharing it....
  3. love the story.... excellent dynamic between the two of them... and oh to be Mr Wainwright!
  4. Very well written and I can just imagine being there too... if only I had ben a neighbour.. Thank you for taking the time to write it and share it rebecca Smacbott
  5. Beautiful photo... perfectly spankable bottom.. lovely figure..
  6. Smacbott


    you are most welcome.. x
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    beautiful face MaryJo!
  8. Smacbott

    Lock Down

    very spankable..
  9. Smacbott


    A fabulous sight...lovely bottom..
  10. I have been captivated by the subject of spanking since a very early age.. certainly way before I understood why. Grew up in an era where spanking was much more commonplace in schools, homes and in public. Based in southern England, I'm a male spanker with over 30 years experience, looking to help those who seek discipline in their life. Equally just happy to chat..
  11. Hi.. I'm in Hertfordshire.. good to meet you too...
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